Nomad Tactical Buggy

This remarkable Mad-Max-style dune buggy is built for the rough and tough of the wild but is equally at home in the city and equally as enjoyable. The tube-framed Nomad Tactical Buggy is driven by a 230 horse power Honda K-series 4-cylinder engine that gives 200 lb-ft of torsional power, letting it rush to 60 miles per hour in only 3.5 secs or a quarter mile in only 12.5 seconds. A 6-speed manual sets power to the back wheels in a limited-slip differential. Further information includes a limited-slip differential, a fully self-reliant suspension, adaptable remote reservoir shocks, a Tilton flexible aluminum pedal device, and an amazing range of brakes that really possess monster grip. The outcome is a fully designed, off-road-capable monster you could drive every day.


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