Nomad Base Station Wireless Charger

Nomad Base Station Wireless Charger is a lovely charging accessory. It is streamlined, coated with leather, and seems like it is supposed to be on the desk of a Fortune 500 CEO. It is among the few out there that easily charges 3 devices simultaneously; Apple Watch, iPhone, and AirPods (with a cordless Charging Case).

The Base Station bears 3 Qi-certified charging coils across the recharging pad. The pad itself will charge 2 iPhones or maybe an iPhone and AirPods in a Charging Case simultaneously due to 7.5 watts of power across those elements.

The Nomad Base Station Wireless Charger is really built to charge one iPhone, the AirPods, as well as the Apple Watch. At this time there really isn’t the area for another iPhone, though the coils would hold it.

The pad is protected in soft professional leather, which appears stylish and has the additional advantage of providing the pad with a bit of hold so the iPhone doesn’t move off.



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