The No Bake Tent

For individuals who know about desert camping, the day-to-day wake n’ bake has a whole distinct meaning. The place has a relentless sun, almost no shade and instantly, as the sun rears its light rays over the horizon, the tent starts to considerably warm up because of infrared rays piercing the thin walls. Fortunately, the No Bake Tent operates to significantly minimize this occurrence.

Making use of space-age technological innovation, this tent offers a twin sheet sun reflecting setup that deflects the majority of the infrared light rays off the tent’s surface area. Horizontal vents on top of the tent additionally allow heat to quickly get away, and an interior reflective wall inhibits high temperature from radiating very quickly inside. For review and comparison, they examined two tents next to each other and discovered it got the No Bake Tent around 4 hours longer to warm up to 83 degrees in contrast to the tent they examined. It is also roomy, having as much as 6.5 feet of standing room, 4 drink holders, and the entire tent is made to incorporate a ton of technology equipment. This also holds up against wind flow and dust and is ideal for music festivals too.


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