New Flow Hive 2 – Honey on Tap

The record-breaking crowdfunding campaign by two Australian beekeepers which is a beehive with a tap system raised more than US $2 million dollars in 2 days! The duo has right now released the Flow Hive 2, a fresh and enhanced model, and seemingly it has once again sold in record numbers.

The Flow Hive 2 is not a total overhaul of the extremely well-designed original model, but father and son beekeeping duo have simply improved and enhanced some small functions, helping to make the new model a little better to use.

The essentials of the Flow Hive stay the same thing. The design includes the Flow Frames which are unique frames with partially made honeycomb cells already connected. When the external tap is turned to draw the honey, the casings moderately separate the honeycombs perpendicularly enabling the honey to stream out without stressing the bees around.

Since the initial 2015 crowdfunding campaign, the crew has produced another style of Flow Frames with several new upgrades. Both the Flow Hive 2 and the earlier Flow Hive Classic design come with such new development Flow Frames.

The Flow Hive 2 provides numerous small design changes, like a harvesting shelf to keep your honey jars, and a brand new air flow control device to keep your bees comfy through the seasons.



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