Migaloo Private Island / Yacht

Kokomo AilandYachts are suitable for your average billionaire. Individuals who fully realize how to devote their cash acquire submersible private yachts from Migaloo, an Austrian watercraft firm, has developed a private transportable island that is personalized in size, form, and features. Kokomo Ailand is actually a mobile exclusive island that drifts on 2 semi-submersible systems. Merely shy of 385 feet long, this particular huge habitat is a suspended enjoyable zone especially when it is in overseas waters. It offers a large number of remarkable attributes, like a 262-foot lift along with a penthouse that gives 360-degree views of the area. Migaloo Private Island also equipped with its unique waterfall and rainforest, in addition to a helipad, dining facility, a fitness center, a bar, a swimming pool, cosmetic salons, and a health spa. It could possibly even be utilized as an extravagance hotel rooms or even offshore casino.Kokomo Ailand 2


Kokomo Ailand 3

Kokomo Ailand 4

Kokomo Ailand 5

Kokomo Ailand 6


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