Mankame Automotive Ep 1 Electric Motorcycle

Mankame Automotive created a 155mph sportbike concept that can go beyond 300 miles, showing off its long range capabilities and an incredibly reasonable selling price. The EP-1 is introduced as an electric sportbike that can reach more extended range than almost every battery-powered two-wheeler.

On paper, the specifications seem a bit unlikely; 40 kW 8,000 revolutions per minute electric motor, 155 mph top speed, 18.4 kWh battery, and 310 mi range. No motorcycle out there can come near matching equivalent performance numbers with its miles per charge – not to mention the point that its power seems barely sufficient for such speed.

The primary suspect for these figures is the bike’s electric battery, a liquid-cooled unit manufactured from high-density Samsung cells, regulated by an innovative management system designed in-house. The entire power pack weighs around 80 kg, totaling to an overall motorcycle mass of 180 kg. Surprisingly enough, Mankame claims it makes use of its proprietary system for the ABS as well as traction control systems.

The EP-1 will likely be created around a steel trellis structure, equipped with radial Brembo brakes together with fully flexible inverted Öhlins forks, whereas at the back the users can select between a Showa or an Öhlins TTX shock.

What shines from the available specifications is, apparently, the motorcycle’s range  These figures come from virtual testing in the laboratory, by simulating real-world situations in computer designs.

The general assessments demonstrate that the EP-1 can provide the marketed 300-mi range at a typical speed of 51 miles per hour and may even do a lot more if this number falls to city averages. What exactly is even more remarkable though is the idea that the EP-1’s battery can keep a 130 mph run for 87 mi. Swapnil Mankame, the company’s creator, says that these lab tests are 95 % correct.




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