Lucid Air EV Pricing Specs Revealed and Costs Less Than Tesla

Lucid Motors has been polishing off the product it wants to market next year. Even though the firm showed off a finished vehicle in December a year ago, we weren’t presented any information about pricing or completed performance specifications. Ultimately, 3 months later, we certainly have the full picture.

The preliminary concept proposed the Air EV would market for more than $100,000, but it seems that the concept was wildly incorrect. Pricing for a base Air will begin at $60,000 but that figure does not include the $7,500 Federal tax credit placed on electric vehicles offered in the United States.

Even the most basic accessories, the car is not precisely what you would call stripped-back. It will be rear-drive that feature 400 hp (298 kW) on tap, with a 240-mile (386-km), range from the electric battery. All the hardware required for autonomous driving may also be equipped, but there is no word on regardless of whether it will actually be dynamic as standard, or whether you will need to spend more to utilize it.

By way of comparability, the basic Tesla Model S ships for $68,000 before any specific rebates and provides a 210-mi (338-km) range from its 60 kWh battery. Users can, however, achieve greater battery pack capacity in the future.

The driver sits in 12-way adjustable thrones, met with 4 screens for driver info, climate control, and amusement, as well as a 10-speaker sound system. Over-the-air software program updates are also contained in the offer.

Diving into the alternatives list can convert your competitively priced Air into something a lot more costly, quickly. Larger batteries can transform the 240-mile range into 315 mi or 400 mi (507 km or 644 km) and a twin-motor powertrain with 1,000 hp (746 kW) will also be available.

Without engines on the front wheels, the rear trunk is accompanied with a huge front-trunk. The two storage spots come to produce 32 cu. ft. (906L) of baggage space, which is about 4-person hot tub.



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