Lock Locker Bump Proof Deadbolt Locker

Lock Locker 1

The Lock Locker is a way of entirely locking your doorway from the inside. It is perfect for hermits who don’t want guests, teens who don’t want their parents storming into their rooms, and everyone else who doesn’t delight in the idea of people opening their entry doors without any reason in any way.

You are only meant to use it once you’re inside the house because you won’t have the ability to get inside if you unknowingly locked the locks before leaving. Its small size is making it easy to attach to your luggage for those occasions you’re using Airbnb, sketchy resorts, along with other possibly risky residences.

It is for a single-key deadbolts that includes an element that slips over the internal deadbolt dish, primarily overlaying everything around the knob. That straightforward style should make it impossible to turn the knob, basically stopping the deadbolt from being unlocked although it’s in position. Forcing to open the deadbolt with a key will probably result in the key breaking off, given that the Lock Locker was designed to grip down the door in a more impenetrable way.



Lock Locker 2

Lock Locker 3

Lock Locker 4


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