KidRunner Jogging Stroller Lets You Tow Your Child In A Lightweight Trailer

Kidrunner Jogging Stroller Tow Trailer 1

The multi-terrain kid jogger allows you to start your morning jog while towing your little one right behind you on a wheeled trailer. In doing this, you will enjoy your daily trail exercise while giving your child some essential contact with fresh air and daylight.

The KidRunner features a 2-wheeled stroller that is linked to a harness, which you put on around your waist to tow the stroller from behind. It has large wheels along with the harmonic damping system that ensures your little kid will be comfy inside the carrier regardless of whether you are jogging in the local park, on a nearby trail, or on a beach. The jogger is perfect for all terrain, but of course, you shouldn’t try this on the hillside with your kid on it.

It features around 30 % less weight than other jogging strollers out there, aside from merging the previously damping device that keeps the ride easy for your little one – letting you run slightly more easily than you usually would. It is also built to function 100% hands-free, to allow you to operate or walk in a typical manner without any danger of leaving your child behind.

Kidrunner Jogging Stroller Tow Trailer 2

Kidrunner Jogging Stroller Tow Trailer 3

Kidrunner Jogging Stroller Tow Trailer 4


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