Joby GorillaPod Rig


The same as the one for smartphones, the recent tripod features two extra arms that you may use to attach items, providing you with the capacity to produce a modern camera set up while making use of only one rig that you can carry on just one arm. Although, you can still utilize this for your mirrorless and DSLR digital cameras, which makes it a far better option for content creators who rely on larger cameras for filming their video footage.

The Joby GorillaPod Rig keeps a lot of the regular GorillaPod layout, so it features 3 ball-and-socket legs and a regular tripod mount for fixing your digital camera. It means you can put it on a surface similar to any traditional tripod, and also carry it in hand just like a selfie stick and put it around objects for staging your camera at non-traditional approaches. You may also hold each leg individually for those times you wish to film a moving object while staying being steady. A precision-engineered ball head offers 360-degree turn and 90-degree angling for the camera, letting you have perfect control of your digital camera positioning, while a built-in numbered scale acts as an aid for knowing specifically at what position your camera is facing.

What makes it unique are the addition of two extra six-socket arms that, exactly like the tripod’s legs, can be curved and secured in position at a wide range of angles, letting you put two accessories that you can place just anywhere you want. It only handles an optimum payload of 11 lbs total for the digital camera and all add-ons. You can set each arm with any of the bundled connectors, which include two cold shoe brackets and a GoPro mount ( any time you want another camera for your installation). Both arms are detachable, in fact, for those days you’d somewhat shoot with only your main camera in tow.



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