Helmfon Noise Cancelling Helmet

Helmfon Noise Cancelling Helmet 1

The Helmfon is a prototype for a dynamic sound-cancelling┬ádevice. Formed and worn just like a motorcycle helmet, the Helmfon’s walls are created to totally reflect outside sound waves so the user can work without disturbance from outside sound.

Likewise, the Helmfon obstructs any sounds produced inside it – songs, films, conversations, etc. In addition to its foamed polyethylene padding, the helmet is also built with a media board, that includes a microphone, speakers, magnification device, and smartphone holder. To help you watch movies and clips, make and accept calls, or maybe even a Skype meeting.

When available to buy, the Helmfon will come in many different colors and personalization alternatives, like a helmet with cyclops or Batman design.

Helmfon Noise Cancelling Helmet 2

Helmfon Noise Cancelling Helmet 3


Helmfon Noise Cancelling Helmet 4


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