Golchi Bottle Keeps Hot and Cold Liquids at The Same Time

Golchi Bottle 2

The new Golchi Bottle is considered the world’s first and will offer you a two-in-one function as it can store two of your favorite drinks (both hot and cold) in one bottle. Their patented model holds two different drinks of different temperatures at once and boasts other features all in its modular design.

Golchi features a pour volume of as much as 27 ounces, the bottle offers a multipurpose lower inner compartment, built-in dry storage for snack food items and temperature markers to mark the cold and the hot drinks. It is also a dishwasher safe bottle, so cleaning is simple. Each bottle is created from stainless steel hence disallowing the retention of odor or taste and is also fully BPA free. You will no longer be bothered of bringing multiple bottles wherever you go – the Golchi is here to make life easy again.


Golchi Bottle 3



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