GJS GEIO Battle Robots Augmented Reality FPS

The GJS GEIO Battle Robot lets you clash robots against each other. Of course, they won’t really harm one another in a crazy melee in your own home. Rather, the robots are made to move effortlessly across whatever surface area they’re on, evading attacks from their enemies and orienting on their own in ideal shooting spots before unleashing their particular strikes.

The GJS Geio robot comes with omnidirectional wheels, letting it go in any course at a whim while moving so fast that it appears like the real mechs battling. A 3-megapixel camera on the machine enables you to see a first-person view from the app, to help you feel like you’re piloting your mech in an advanced robo-battle. Therefore, you can push it around the way you will pilot a mech in an FPS video game, only with an actual robot zipping in your room.



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