The FNDN Heated Scarf

fndn 1This Detroit-made heating wearable, FNDN Heated Scarf is the reliable counterpart in harsh cold weather. High-tech functionality that complements with a good sense of style wherein any man or woman can take advantage of.

FNDN Heated Scarf is composed of 100% micro-fleece material that was recognized as light, strong and weather resistant. Under the heated scarf is a rechargeable 7V lithium-ion battery which is tiny and lightweight that you’ll hardly notice. It makes┬áthe scarf produce heat for a period of more than 4.5 hours. In case the battery life runs out, you would wait an hour to make it fully charged.

The FNDN Heated Scarf includes 3 heating settings to freely adjust your desired heat intensity especially on your journey outdoors, by using the push button in front of the scarf.

Wearing the FNDN Heated Scarf guarantee to withstand the penetration of cold wind, rebuff the effect of snow on your body and keep you warm for a long time. This warmth buddy is truly another innovation success.

fndn 2


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