Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch with 4 Days of Battery Life

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch 1

Fitbit has worked in building smartwatch functions in their physical fitness trackers before, combining features like updates, messages, and audio playback command. This time around, they are formally having in the smartwatch venture with the fresh Fitbit Ionic.

It is a full-fledged wearable smartwatch and won’t just be able to show notifications and emails like their earlier items. As an alternative, the thing features its system known as Fitbit OS, that should assist third-party applications on launch, offering it the power to develop into a much modern device.

The Fitbit Ionic seems like a redesigned model of the Fitbit Blaze, despite with a rather more polished visual. Under the housing, though, it is a different machine – one that delivers better accessories, better application, and a different experience. Apparently, it contains the same process monitoring functions as Fitbit’s other goods, letting it record steps, total active minutes, calories burned, heart rate, and sleep process.

With an integrated GPS, nevertheless, the wearable will be able to monitor range, elevation, speed, and even your whole course, providing you with much more data than the outfit’s earlier endeavors. It is also waterproof around 50 meters, meaning all the receptors can stay efficient while you’re in the swimming pool, so you can utilize it to keep track of swim workout statistics, such as lap counts, length, and calories burned.

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch 2

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch 3

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch 4


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