Fat Boys Blob Dive Launch Pad

Fat Boys Blob Dive Launch Pad 1

The Fat Boys Blob can be used to catapult a diver to superb heights in the water, transforming a typical afternoon at the beach into a much more fascinating experience. Besides, the manufacturer boasts, it is rigged to catapult in a most effective way, so you can get max height in each jump (it carries a pair of official Guinness World Records), all while staying softer and more predictable compared to any comparable item in the business.

Buoys on both sides of the Fat Boys Blob offer balance in the water without needing to drop any anchors or tie it to a rope onto terrain (it does feature anchors, though its utilization is optionally available), lowering setup time to under 40 minutes. That puts the installation at around 2 hours less than most diving launch pads in existence, making sure you can use most of the day savoring the water rather than working to pair the rig up.

Fat Boys Blob Dive Launch Pad 2

Fat Boys Blob Dive Launch Pad 3

Fat Boys Blob Dive Launch Pad 4


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