Ecoqube Fishtank Mini Ecosystem for Home or Office

In our all too dormant and sterile contemporary office conditions, at times the only other living things (apart from your colleagues) are the frequently ignored house plants that consume the peculiar corner or windowsill. Also in many cubicles and workplace areas, there isn’t even a small patch of green to help cheer up the work area. That is too bad, simply because it’s been proven that owning those potted plants around will surely have a therapeutic impact on our brains, which can additionally enhance our efficiency.


Ecoqube 3

Grabbing that concept one step further, a multi-function aquatic habitat little enough to conform on a table might be the solution that not just provides a “restorative distraction” throughout the day, but also helps us harbor a living environment right in our own work area.

The EcoQube is a revolutionary and lovely self-sustaining aquarium tank system that combines an aquaponics filtration system that transforms the waste materials from the fish into eco-friendly fertilizer for the vegetation, and contains a UV light fixture for disinfecting the water along with a full-spectrum LED light for improving the production of the vegetation, regardless of the the light levels exist.

EcoQube C

This Ecoqube Fishtank Mini Ecosystem unit is the concept of Eric and Kevin (Aqua Design Innovations) and is the merchandise of numerous years of aquatic ecosystem expertise. They think that their EcoQube can provide both the idea and the attractiveness of aquaponics to a bigger crowd, and thus prove that aquaponics is the trend of the forthcoming days of food and water.


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