Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard

You crack a touchscreen keyboard and you may as well just get a new device. But what if you could just project your touchscreen keyboard onto any surface and never worry about cracks? Well, now with the Virtual Keyboard you can do exactly that onto any clean, smooth surface you so wish and you can type with ease because the future is finally here.

Known as the Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard, it is designed to work with iPad and iPhone. It is a small portable cube device with a backup battery life of 150 minutes, and which can be recharged via a USB connection from any computer. This clever device can be linked up via Bluetooth to iPads and iPhones without the need for installing drivers. Once turned on a laser projects the image of a keyboard onto any flat surface and then sensors track your typing. There is even a mouse mode that allows you to use the projected image to navigate your device’s screen.

This is the kind of technology that gadget lovers have been waiting for years to have. It truly is something straight out of a Sci-fi show – a tiny portable box that projects a keyboard that can be used anywhere at any time. Never before has there been a full size portable keyboard that can literally fit into your pocket, but the virtual laser can do just that. You won’t have to worry about a cracked iPhone or iPad screen again because this clever device just needs a flat surface to become its own screen. It can’t be too long before this technology extends to projecting the whole iPad screen onto a surface.


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