50 Cool Kitchen Gadgets You Didn’t Know Existed

Whether you’re a newbie home cook or an experienced chef, preparing a full meal is quite a bit of work. From the planning to the preparation, it requires patience and ability to create a delicious meal. While we’re very assured that you’re effective at cooking something with simply a sharpened knife and a fry pan, occasionally you can use some extra assistance. And when you can’t obtain the help of your mom, your roommates or your kids, you can always depend on some cool cooking devices to cut your preparation time. It is not what you cook but how you prepare it. that is exactly why there are overwhelming gadgets you can purchase for the kitchen, enabling you to change your cooking space into the best place in town. Let these 50 Cool Kitchen Gadgets be your sous chef. They’ll make your cooking much easier.


1. Pasta Pot Lid  Strainer

Pasta Pot

Provided that you might be a pasta fanatic, this tends to be a big help! The one-of-a-kind colander lid locks straight into place, and the pot alone is an oval shape – preferable for lengthy pasta and for the purpose of putting in place on a rear burner the time there are various other pots or pans on the front of the stove.


2. Portion Control Dressing Cap

Portion Control Dressing Cap

Maybe you have observed that most salad dressing manufacturers have taken out the cap on top of their containers that got a tiny opening to regulate the volume of dressing coming out? It is actually very annoying! But, for all those other dressings which are lacking this small but valuable detail, here’s Portion Control Dressing Cap. This kind of portion control dressing cap perfectly dispenses 1 sized portion of the dressing simultaneously (2 tbsp). It happens to be really beneficial in case that you are attempting to keep track of your consumption of calories.


3. Tabletop Oil Mister

Tabletop Oil Mister

Just about all flavors with much less fat! Here is the most convenient way to take control of the measure of oil you sprinkle on the salsa, cookie sheets, and the baking cookware. You can actually even fill your preferred salad dressing inside to allow it to last much longer and also monitor your calorie consumption.


4. Space Saving Grater

Space Saving Grater

This folding kitchen grater will fit perfectly in your cabinet and can be set upright on a cupboard or even pantry storage shelf. If unfolded it seems similar to a typical grater other than it consists of a convenient comfort grip handle, which makes it much easier to grate cheese and even veggies!


5. Professional Multi-Chopper

Professional Multi-Chopper

With three pushers and additionally 4 interchangeable cutting blades, it is easy to prep anything from potatoes to onions and carrots. The calibrating container lets you find out the amount you’ve currently sliced, and you actually can pull out the bottom part to work with the chopper directly over the chopping board.


6. CoolClipz


For those who never have already figured it out, such bag clips preserve the food more fresh for a longer time. These clips can be an air and water tight fitting! It will make any open bag sealed again and make it last longer. It is an innovative bag sealer.


7. Herb Mill

Herb Mill

This herb mill could be very much the same as the pepper grinder. It is meant to grind crisp herbs including rosemary, basil, dill, and the sage. The fresh quality makes a big difference versus dried herbs.


8. Easy Pineapple Slicer

Easy Pineapple Slicer

Peeling a pineapple is difficult and time-consuming but this gadget makes it easier. It peels, cores, and even pieces a pineapple in barely just a few seconds!


9. Silicone Bowls

Silicone Bowls

How did we ever survive without a silicone bowl? Use these for making muffins and pancakes – you are able to combine your ingredients in the bowl, after which readily squeeze to fill exactly right quantity into a single muffin tin or to a pan. Typically the silicone measuring cups likewise takes away the need to measure using a different tool. Measure, blend, & pour!


10. Frozen Fruit Treat Maker

Frozen Fruit Treat Maker

Want to eat healthy and make your own frozen fruit treat? The Frozen Fruit Treat Maker will make it easy for you. Simply load the gadget with fruit and treat yourself!


11. The “Cake Batter Dispenser”

Cake Batter Dispenser

This cunning device tidily dispenses the appropriate measure of cake or muffin mixture without all the mess. You can utilize it for the pancakes, as well!


12. Julienne Peeler Blade

Julienne Peeler Blade

This particular peeler helps with forming thin julienne pieces over carrots, squash, zucchini, as well as cucumbers. It certainly is similar to vegetable “pasta”! It’s handy and small to fit in your utensil cabinet.


13. Spiral Vegetable Slicer

Spiral Vegetable Slicer

The Veggetti! The vegetable slicer transforms those fruit and veggies into something fabulous! It is possible to make curly fries, veggie noodles, or stylish toppings for different types of meals. Yummy “pasta” minus all the carbs! This grater has more than 1,400 good reviews at Amazon.


14. Over-The-Sink Strainer Board

Over-The-Sink Strainer Board

Finish your cleaning, cutting and then dicing directly over the kitchen sink! This is very cool for one small kitchen that does not provide plenty of counter area. Moreover, it collapses for the purpose of hassle-free safe keeping.


15. Water Bottle Ice Cube Tray

Water Bottle Ice Cube Tray

Ordinary ice cubes fail to fit into water bottles in spite of how hard you are trying to force them via the small opening. This will allow you to make slender ice cubes that can easily fit in any water bottle.


16. The Garlic Chop

The Garlic Chop

Are you sick of the stench of the garlic on your own hands about three days straight regardless of how often times you cleanse them? This chopper effortlessly chops, dices and then mince cloves through one or two quick twists, and also keeps one’s hands odorless!


17. I Could Eat A Horse Pasta Measurer

I Could Eat A Horse

Here’s some unique pasta measuring device with a humor! The horse basically measures four persons, you no longer need to estimate the amount of pasta to use.


18. Clip-On Pouring Spout

Clip-On Pouring Spout

Clip this silicone kitchen device onto a single cooking pot, pan or even bowl to be able to drain out the fluid while still restraining your food! It’s well suited for draining the unwanted fat from your ground meat or liquid from your cooked vegetables.


19. Yolk Extractor

Yolk Extractor

Whether or not you’re one fitness enthusiast who prefers your early morning egg white omelet, or just presumably all you need is segregate the yolk out of the egg intended for any specific menu, this makes the work much simpler!


20. Waffle Griddle

Waffle Griddle

There is something sensational about pancake mixture shaped like waffles! You will really like the way the butter and the syrup pool up within every single one of the tiny grooves. Such a mini waffle griddle is constructed of cast aluminum, and also is definitely non-stick so that you can make cleaning up a piece of cake!


21. Expandable Drawer Dividers

Expandable Drawer Dividers

These adjustable cabinet dividers will make kitchen tool organizing much easier. It is possible to now fully personalize the dimensions of each compartment.


22. Never-Soggy Cereal Bowl

Never-Soggy Cereal Bowl

With this cunning bowl design and style, you no need to really have to scarf the cereal down if you know it’s likely to be soggy before you can get a possibility to finish off. It’s also perfect for the chips and the dip, broth and crackers, and/or cookies that include milk!


23. Zipzicles


Try to make a specialized ice pops together with freshened and wholesome ingredients! Load them with extract juice, smoothies, buttermilk, or whatever else you may fantasize. And, they actually have the zip top, therefore, you can preserve it for another use.


24. Pancake Pen

Pancake Pen

This excellent bottle is manufactured especially for pancake art form! Moreover, it is effective to load cupcake liners with no clutter. The top part and the bottom part screw off to obtain trouble-free cleaning, while the tip has been heated proof.


25. Onion Holder

Onion Holder

This convenient gadget not alone handles the onion on your behalf (no more smelly hands), but in addition, leads your kitchen knife to get completely even cuts.


26. Citrus Sprayer

Citrus Sprayer

Sprinkle fresh lemon extract right from the lemon? What?! Oh yes, perhaps even limes, grapefruit, oranges, along with other citrus fruit! It truly is just the thing for vegetable salads, the fish, shrimp, and the like.


27. Kitchen Claws

Kitchen Claws

Rely on these claws to shred various meats also to lift, shape and hold the meat. If you want to smoke meats, or make use of your crock pot/pressure cooker intended for chicken, beef roasts, or brisket, you then have a clue how time-consuming and aggravating it will be to tear up meat by using a fork.


28. Dice & Slice Chopper

Dice & Slice Chopper

Accompanying one particular movement, this kitchen device uniformly chops onions or other veggies. It can be best for salsa, vegetables and fruits, boiled eggs, and the nuts. It comes with three interchangeable cutting blades so it’s possible to chop to you preferred sizing.


29. Rocking Garlic Crusher

Rocking Garlic Crusher

Simple to operate and even more handy to cleanse! This streamlined garlic crusher lets you crush or mince garlic right away. The scooped layout keeps the garlic just like a bowl, which enables the garlic to be harvested into a food bowl or even the pan.


30. Double Dish

Double Dish

What a terrific design! Particularly if you prefer to munch pistachios while watching television. This bowl performs great for edamame, berries, olives, pistachios, wrapped candies and sweets, and sunflower seeds. Typically any scenario that you would eat and then have to throw out seeds, shell, and wrapper.


31. Pot Clip

Pot Clip

How to handle that dripping wooden spoon? Well, consider a pot clip in an effort to set your utensils just over the cooking pot! It will eventually maintain your stovetop dirt free and put your spoon at the ready.


32. 2-in-1 Silicone Whisk

2-in-1 Silicone Whisk

It’s 2 fundamental tools in 1 sleek layout! Also, the silicone covered wire is excellent for your non-stick cooking pots. Utilize it to whisk all ingredients collectively, and so therefore with a quick twist, utilize the very same tool to scrape those ingredients from your food bowl or pan.


33. Party Bowls On Ice

Party Bowls On Ice

Have your veg or fruit containers cold for an extended time! This may be most definitely advantageous in case you are going to a special event as well as have quite a ride ahead of you. This larger sized bowl has got a not fixed separator, in order to even use it for the salad or to various other cold food items.


34. Grill Clips

Grill Clips

Handle your vegetables collectively on that grill without the very possibility of them sliding through the grates! Manipulate your grilling tongs for you to effortlessly flip and also take all of them from the grill.


35. Rinse Bowl & Strainer

Rinse Bowl & Strainer

This two-in-one food bowl makes it easier to strain generally the liquid out with a swift slide up of the joined strainer. Well suited for washing vegetables and fruit!


36. Apple Corer

Apple Corer

Swiftly and readily take out unwanted cores! It’s an ideal gadget gift idea for all the holiday seasons when apple pies are absolutely necessary. Similarly great for youngsters for them to consume the apple in its own complete form without being concerned about those core and seeds.


37. Marinade Infusing Meat Tenderizer

Marinade Infusing Meat Tenderizer

The excellent kitchen device for guys who love steak! This two-in-one kitchen device softens the meats and injects flavor enhancing marinade all at once.


38. Compact Food Prep Set

Compact Food Prep Set

It’s beautiful and efficient! The fantastic housewarming present for anyone with a tiny house or even apartment since it takes up the total minimum capacity of space. This set comes with the colander, sieve, mixing bowls, together with measuring cups.


39. Flour Keeper

Flour Keeper

Store all of your flour including sugar efficiently! Fortunately, they are built with an edger for precise scoop amounts.


40. Dip Clips

Dip Clips

Clip such mini side bowls through to virtually any plate! Rely on them for dressings, dips, salsa, or maybe guacamole. This is mainly useful for runny dips just like salsa in order to prevent it scattering around the plate.


41. Hands-Free Bag Holder

Hands-Free Bag Holder

This exactly is similar to acquiring an additional set of hands in our kitchen area! It adjusts to accommodate almost all bags, and then supports it to stay open and even steady as you load it up. Once you are done, it folds up to obtain hassle-free storage.


42. In-Drawer Knife Organizer

In-Drawer Knife Organizer

Store your knives properly organized and out of site with this storage tray which fits well in a cabinet. Great option when you don’t have much counter area!


43. Bag Re-Sealer

Bag Re-Sealer

Simply slide this kind of bag-sealer throughout the uppermost of an unbound bag and lock in freshness! It also has a helpful magnet on the back in order to put it handy on the fridge. No longer shuffling all through your junk cabinet to locate any bag clip.


44. Cracker Containers

Cracker Containers

Perfect for cookies and biscuits which do not include the resealable bag! You can keep them more fresh for an extended time through plastic-type storage containers which are created to suit them properly.


45. 3-Tier Oven Rack

3-Tier Oven Rack

This tiered oven rack merely occupies nearly up to half the area to allow you to cook using casseroles and recipes at one time while still making space for your huge turkey!


46. Wide Bag Cap

Wide Bag Cap

That makes almost every bag non-disposable containers! You no longer need to use a cumbersome piece of Tupperware if you can just place a lid to all your chips, cereal carriers, and a lot more. Seal in the freshness!


47. Quick Snap Ice Tray

Quick Snap Ice Tray

Rather than the need to pry those ice cubes outside of the holder with your own fingernail, simply give this tray a sudden snap to let go of one cube simultaneously!


48. Garlic Peeler

Garlic Peeler

One particular best method to strip garlic! The distinctive shape will keep the garlic inside at the same time rolling, along with the peels adhere to the tube while all the garlic cloves excreted. Prevents the hands from getting smelly too!


49. Scrap Collector

Scrap Collector

Affix the cord hook to most any cabinet close to your working surface area, after which readily scrape all of your scraps out the counter into the container. It helps to keep your working surface area tidy and is easy to dispose into the compost pile rather than stinking up the trash bin.


50. Mandoline Slicer

Mandoline Slicer

Here is among my absolute favorite kitchen gadgets. It would make slicing a blast! You can adjust the thickness to do with your cuts with a quick shift of a button. You can use it with potatoes, cucumbers among others.


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