Code Security Wallet

Code Security Wallet 4

We all have important and personal stuff in our wallets. It is where we put our credit cards, cash, ID’s and more. However, it can get a bit sketchy strolling around with only a wallet that quickly flips open. Fortunately, the Code Wallet is there to safeguard your important cards and cash with its awe-inspiring pocket-sized super-secure model.

The Code Wallet offers a 3 digit locking code that will maintain your possessions safely stowed away and inaccessible from unauthorized individuals. There’s also RFID blocking technological innovation that shields your own contactless bank cards from electronic information theft. It features style, an attractive design, and is suitable for any occasion. And don’t worry, with 3 digits there are around 1,000 various combinations, so anyone seeking access to your misplaced or stolen wallet will need to get really lucky. It’s also tough, made up of a zinc alloy locking mechanism and a polycarbonate basic core which is reinforced by aluminum.


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