Charcoal Companion Kitchenque Stovetop Smoker

The Charcoal Companion KitchenQue is an indoor stovetop smoker which allows you to smoke food in your indoor cooking area so everyone will get an opportunity to experience the distinctive flavor of smoked meals. Regardless of whether you are renting a house, residing in a condo, or simply want to delight in some smoked brisket during snow season, this stove rig allows you to make your preferred smoked dishes in your own kitchen.

The Charcoal Companion KitchenQue features 4 parts: a drip tray, a base unit, a raised cover and a grate. The base unit is manufactured from steel, so it is suitable for all sorts of stovetops, from typical gas and electric powered units to contemporary induction cookers and portable camping stoves, as the raised cover is large enough to allow you to fit a whole chicken as well as other big bits of meat inside. the base unit and the elevated cover feature high-heat silicone grips on the holders for quickly shifting them even in the heart of cooking.

To utilize it, just put the base on the stovetop and put a scoop of the timber pellets inside, distributing it around uniformly across the surface. After that set down the dip rack, put a little water in, and put the grate ahead. After that, you simply put the food on the grate and place it to cook. An integrated thermometer over the cover lets you observe the cooking temperature, although a cutout on a nook of the dip tray allows you to load other wood chips in the event you want an even smokier taste amid a cooking procedure.



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