Wingsuit Flyers Landing in an Airplane Mid-Air

Wingsuit flyers Vince Reffet and Fred Fugen also known as “The Soul Flyers” pulled off an outrageous stunt in the mountain ranges of Switzerland. They B.A.S.E. jumped from a 13,000 feet peak, began to take aim at an airplane flying at a reduced elevation, then landed inside although it was in mid-air. It’s a breath-taking […]

Drone vs. Airplane Wing

For those who have any doubts that flying drone close to aircraft was a nasty idea, check out this video footage from the University of Dayton Research Institute, who not long ago carried out a test to observe simply how much harm a drone might do to a plane wing at even a comparatively slow […]

Family Size Hat Trick Breakfast Station

The Family Size Hat Trick Breakfast Station is a great treat from Nostalgia Electrics. The easiest way to make favorite breakfast meals for the entire family. This full-packed unit includes a coffee maker that makes four cups of coffee. It also has a combo toaster oven that holds up to four slices of bread in […]

Kamp Rite Double Tent Cot

If you enjoy spending time in the outdoors and camping in the most isolated and astonishing locations, you surely know that it is difficult to find a good ground clearance to setup your camp. Whether its rocks or a rough ground, it is difficult to sustain stability or convenience to guarantee a good night sleep. […]

These Guys Make and Fly Giant RC Star Wars Destroyer

note: Skip to 2:30 of the video to see the GIANT one. note: Skip to 2:30 of the video to see the GIANT one. The Flite Test pilots fly a huge radio-controlled model of a Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer. Before releasing the large model, they dispatched a small model up including a “warp drive” […]

R2 D2 Remote Control Robot Fridge Brings You Beer

Are you a Star Wars fan who wants a cool geeky item for your house? You might need this full-scale R2-D2 mini fridge with a maneuvering head and blinking lights. These are not packed with an intelligent AI and also it will not show holograms… but they can keep your beer cold AND even deliver it to you as […]

20 of the Most Creative Designed Bookshelves Ever

If you enjoy books, no e-book, no tablet, and no e-reader could make you reject your passion for paper and print. No self-respecting bookworm will abandon his/her collection of books. Nonetheless, if you can’t locate a space for your personalized library, both at home and at work, perhaps these inventive and artistic bookshelves will help you […]

Guy Flies in Giant Drone By Putting 54 Drones Together

What should you do when you have extra cash and plenty of time you can spend on doing something awesome? If you are feeling creative, you might like to get an idea from a YouTube user known as Gasturbine101 and create your own helicopter. Yes, your personal helicopter! Who says that only billionaires are able to […]

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