Trtl Pillow Plus Wraparound Neck Pillow

Similar to other travel pillows, this one is made to wear around the neck, letting you nod off comfortably, so you can rise up from your sleep with no pain on your neck. In contrast to others, it is height-adjustable, letting you modify it to the specific length of your neck, making sure it creates […]

Arctic Fox Igloos

The Arctic Fox Igloos offers the magestic experience of Finland’s nightly phenomenon. Bedrooms are situated in a glass dome-like framework providing a kitchenette as well as double bed. Facingg the lakeshore, all is absorbed in the arctic terrain while its isolated set up should make it an excellent spot for observing the Northern Lights. A […]

Muraka Underwater Hotel Suite

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort is switching the script with the first submerged hotel accommodation. Like resting in an aquarium, the Muraka is kept in a huge fish tank resting 16-ft below the Indian Ocean. Deep blue water surrounds the room, living area, and washroom letting you stare at the aquatic life while they swim […]

FPM Bank Workstation

FPM is offering a product that will give you an instant workstation anywhere you go. The FPM Bank Workstation appears like high-quality luggage, but it is a portable workspace including a folding chair. It converts into a nomadic desk, a comfortable model inspired by new nomadism, in which private life and work collide in new […]

HydroHouse HouseBoat with a Dock for a Water Plane

If you have ever considered how fantastic it would be to live on a houseboat, away from the busy city life, you’d love this extraordinary yacht. You can now make it possible. Russian luxury boat developer Max Zhivov developed this clean-lined, modern-industrial boat to work the rather peculiar feature of offering floating house that has […]

Biolite Firepit Minimal Smoke Optimized Combustion

BioLite FirePit generates less smoke than traditional fire pits much like Solo Stove’s products; the fire pit comes equipped with a fan inside that tactically gusts air into the fire, producing an even temperature in the pit to significantly enhance burning. For this reason, as much of your fuel as it can is used in […]

DD16 Floating Cabin

Whether you are on the snowy mountain caps or perhaps an isolated body of water, the Floating Cabin can offer you an excellent place to stay. The modest modular house is built to survive in the most distant and uninhabitable areas. It features a coated wood with milled jacks and composite aluminum exterior. The lightweight […]

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