Q30 Silent Electric Yacht

Some entities considered electric cars too risky at low speeds with how quiet they were. As a result, models began to come designed with electric vehicle caution sounds to inform pedestrians of their existence. Well, right now it seems like sea creatures will need some notifications as well, as … [Read more...] about Q30 Silent Electric Yacht

Kitty Hawk Flyer Video

The Silicon Valley firm has been focusing on a single-seat multi-copter machine known as the Flyer. Now, the team made public photos and partial specifications on what appears to be the final output. The Flyer operates 10 electric fans without prop shields, all looking about 3 feet long, organized … [Read more...] about Kitty Hawk Flyer Video

Boston Dynamics Atlas Running

Every couple of months, Boston Dynamics exhibits a new video showing another remarkable ability from its fast developing collection of robots. The recent pair of clips is no different, this time demonstrating its Atlas robot having an occasional jog while SpotMini is revealed independently taking a … [Read more...] about Boston Dynamics Atlas Running