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Robo-Shark Underwater Drone

A bionic robotic drone modeled to look and move like a shark, the Robo-Shark can get around the underwater at speeds of around 10 knots (11.5 MPH), and move to depths of around 300 meters (nearly 1 ,000′). As outlined by RoboSea, the Great Black Drone also performs all this in a hush, because of a […]

Temi Personal Robot

Temi Personal Robot is the first robot having the true ability to interact with humans while offering seamless autonomous navigation, dynamic video and audio experiences and advanced AI. Connect to your friends, smart devices, media and video communications, harnessed by the power of your voice, hands-free. The Robox Navigation System provides path planning, 3D mapping, face recognition, user detection, […]

Japanese Construction Robot

The latest video from National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Japan displays a prototype robot built to work on construction sites in scenarios where there is a scarcity of human workers. The machine is currently slow but also surprisingly precise, revealing a future where human-like robots could swap a lot more human […]

Boston Dyanamics Atlas Robot Doing Parkour Running Jumping Over Obstacles

Boston Dynamics has covertly dropped a brand new video, this time unveiling the Atlas robot’s newly found ability to clear hurdles and hop like a parkour pro. The combination of actual computer vision together with a control program, that regulates legs, arms as well as torso, promises Atlas as the most physically extraordinary robots ever […]

Robot Flowerpot – Moves to Get its Onboard Plant More Light

Tianqi Sun, the creator of the Chinese robotics firm Vincross has changed one of its unique works of art, the HEXA, into an extremely clever six-legged robot flowerpot. The machine interacts with the its surroundings to effectively meet the requirements of the built in plant. When the plant requires light, it will move itself over […]

VIDEO: ecoRobotix Weeding Robot

The ecoRobotix is a weeding robot that is able to do all weeding tasks on the farm purely by itself. An intelligent weeding machine, the automaton can go exploring croplands all by itself, having its way among the vegetation without harming any of them. Best of all, it can recognize weeds and deal with them […]

Buttmaker Eccentric Butt Workout Device – Easily Get that Instagram Booty

Want a firm butt without surgery? Achieve it through efficient exercise routines with the Buttmaker Eccentric Butt Workout Device. Showcasing patent-pending technologies, this fitness gadget uses unconventional training to effectively grow your butt muscle tissues and enhance butt muscle fiber strength. Furthermore, Buttmaker lets you train effectively in almost any spot. There are lots of […]

Arizona Now Has Autonomous Grocery Delivery by Kroger Groceries and Nuro Robotics

Kroger and Nuro confirmed that they will be testing a grocery delivery system employing the latter’s self-driving pods. The collaboration has verified that Scottsdale, Arizona will be the very first city to utilize the pilot. Buyers can place orders at the web portal or perhaps mobile application of Fry’s Food Stores on East McDowell Rd […]

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