Tombot Realistic Robot Dog

The Tombot Realistic Robot Dog is easily the most reasonable robotic emotional support animal. It seems like a real puppy, with its furry figure, flappy ears, and adorable face. Significantly, the one thing that gives it away is the fact that the dog’s expressions don’t actually change in radical … [Read more...] about Tombot Realistic Robot Dog

Microsoft Hololens 2

When compared with the HoloLens we initially saw exhibited 4 years ago, the following model is much better in almost every way. It’s much more comfortable, it offers a bigger field of view, and it better senses real physical items in the area. It offers new elements just like the Azure Kinect … [Read more...] about Microsoft Hololens 2

Giant R/C Tank

RCSparks Studio showcased a massive R/C tank creation. It is a 1/6th scale purely metal remote-operated tank by Armortek. It's a stunning build that will threaten any R/C cars it meets. The Ferdinand Elefant weighs about 240 lbs, holds a couple 24-volt motors, tracks together with lifelike sound … [Read more...] about Giant R/C Tank