Vollebak Relaxation Hoodie Covers Your Face

Built with a hood that can zip entirely shut, this hoodie lets you conceal your whole face like a mask in a flash. It lets you avoid any scenario at a moment’s notice. Best of all, it has a sun shield made from a breathable netting that is intended so that you can easily see […]

Steel Mace Personal Fitness Tool

Achieve your best shape with the Steel Mace Personal Fitness Tool from Set for Set. Its concept is based on a warfare weapon in the 13th century by the Persian and Hindu warriors. This personal fitness tool comes in two weight options: 15 and 20 pounds. The Steel Mace holds most of its heaviness in […]

Cut-Resistant Kevlar Sleeves

Surprisingly, many of the reviews for Cut-Resistant Kevlar Sleeves are for cat owners, pet groomers and to those who work with the mentally disabled and the elderly but aren’t for mechanics, welders, landscapers or even motorcyclists. There is too much debate on how this will protect the wearer’s hand from cuts and gouges while working […]

The Key Safe

Want to keep cash or other small items safe and handy? This Key safe is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Essentially, this is a carry-all mini vault, when you are touring around and you want to travel light. Key Safe is a convenient way to store your belongings safe and easily attaches to your […]

Single-Use Shaving Cream by Pacific Shaving

Picking a quality shaving cream that will improve your complete shave comfort is not easy.  Pacific Shaving unveiled the single-use shaving cream pods, the newest innovation in packaging shaving creams. Encapsulated inside a food-grade, 100% water-soluble capsule — dissolves with a bit of water in your palm— is an ultra-rich high quality, moisturizing shaving cream. […]

Beard King Bib

There is no doubt that beards are a trending accessory among men. Beards require utmost care, trimming is an easy daily task but cleaning-up the mess of excess hair is a tedious chore. Beard King Bib is an efficient tool to help men or their equally tired spouses to clean up those little hairs in the sink or on shaving […]

Say It With Beef Flower Bouquets

You can now give flower bouquets to your male friends this love month! Say It With Beef Flower Bouquet is a delicious 100% beef jerky.  They come in 1/2 pound beef bouquet that is shaped into roses or daisies and carefully placed in a branded pint glass. The choices upon order varied from peppered, teriyaki […]

Professional Pet Neck Tie

Pets are so adorable. Almost all of us are glad to dress them up, in every occasion we take them to. We are now so used to seeing them in a nice outfit everywhere. With lots of pet accessory trends out there, this Professional Pet Neck Tie comes into place. Before, pet collars were the only […]

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