Roost Folding Compact Laptop Stand

We all know that using a laptop is not the most ergonomic set up. It’s not aligned at eye level, which can lead to neck pain, back issues and is just plain uncomfortable. The solution is a sturdy laptop stand to raise the laptop to eye level and provide more comfort and promote better health. But […]

5 Best All in one Printers

It used to be that setting up a home office could be really really expensive, costing hundreds if not thousands in equipment like printers, scanners, copiers and fax machines. That has all changed these days, however, as with the advent of all-in-one machines you can get multiple office devices rolled into one. Often costing just […]

Mug that Wont Fall Over: Mighty Mugs

There’s no panic quite like that moment you knock a mug of drink over and it splashes all over important papers or worse, your valuable laptop. The concern is so ever present that most people just won’t have a drink near them when doing certain things, they would rather go thirsty. Well, no more with […]

10 Best Office Chairs

If you spend most of your time working in an office, sitting in a chair, you really need it to be a comfy one and preferably one that won’t send you home at night with a bad back. This may sometimes mean getting a little more hi-tech with your office seating options, but it can […]

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