Porsche 911 Office Chairs

Perhaps you dream all day about driving the Porsche 911 car. Live your dream and use this remarkable Porsche 911 Office Chairs that help you simulate that experience. In either case, it is possibly the best office chair you will get your butt into. The very same car seats in the Porsche 911 Carrera GTS […]

SkySlide US Bank Tower

The Los Angeles skyscraper, the tallest building west of the Mississippi River, gets a glass slide 1,000-feet above the street level! The slide is from 70th to the 69th floor and now open to the public. It is definitely scary and if you are afraid of heights, this might be the best way to test […]

Zero Gravity Balans Chair Recliner

Chairs virtually appear in all sizes and shapes, but few look as comfy as the Gravity Balans Chair. Created by Peter Opsvik for Varier Furniture, this office chair allows you to kick back and encounter zero gravity at your workplace or even at home. Ideal for everything from power naps to enjoying Call Of Duty, […]

Floating Air Bonsai Tree

Those tiny decorative trees just became a lot more amazing. Now having the ability to levitate, the ornamental plants are designed to float apparently on their own accord. Created by innovation firm Air Bonsai. the Floating Air Bonsai Tree can be a perfect decor in your office or at your home. This is how it […]

Office Warfare DaVinci Catapult

The Leonardo Da Vinci catapult design is scaled to size and completely features to display the launching strength of the catapult, a traditional army machine. The catapult flings smooth clay balls as much as 15 feet to recreate a dummy discharge¬†and consists of wood for toughness.¬†The Leonardo da Vinci Catapult Kit is appropriate for novice […]

WipeBook Dry Erase Notebook

The comfort and transportability of a notebook coupled with the erasability of a whiteboard. That is what makes Wipebook unique, as each and every page is a non-disposable whiteboard that goes with you anywhere you decide to go. But as opposed to standard dry erase boards that will smear quickly, the trademarked hypergloss film system […]

Top 10 Toys for the Office

Working in the office can be so boring at times. Definitely, the pet photographs on your are quite humanizing, and your various action figures truly let us know you are a kid at heart. However, don’t you feel it’s time you took workplace toys to the next level? In case you’re prepared to add a […]

Altwork Reclining Desk WorkStation

Standing office desks are very popular in contemporary offices recently, because of many studies saying that sitting throughout the day have a very negative effect to your long-term well-being. The Altwork Station, a workstation especially manufactured to enable people to lie down on their backs at the same time performing a working laptop or computer. […]

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