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LEGO Fortnite Double Barrel Shotgun

Are you a LEGO fan or enjoy playing Fortnite? Take a look at this cool creation! LEGO fanatic ZaziNombies manufactured a life-size model of the fashionable double barrel shotgun in Fortnite. It is manufactured from 1100 LEGO pieces, weighs in at 4 pounds and is almost 2 feet long. It also features a working reload […]

Oregon Trail Four-Player Board Game

Oregon Trail Four-Player Board Game sets the path you’ll be journeying in a game panel, charting each step of your quest from Independence, Missouri to look for your wealth out West with tiles that conceal surprises under their panoramic appearance. You will come across rivers, forts, and towns as you go along, each of which […]

R/C Life Size R2-D2 Refrigerator

Are you a Star Wars fan or someone who wants something unique to add into your home? Try using the R2D2 refrigerator. You can use him to refrigerate your refreshments and deliver your beer on command! Made like the well-known droid, it features a capacious and frosty interior and can relocate freely in any course […]

Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit Programmable Magic Wand

The wands from the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit will come equipped with accelerometers and gyroscopes, letting it recognize any mixture of motions you execute with the wand. You can program it to react to any combination of your choosing, to help you layout your own spells like an appropriate wizard who has really mastered […]

Barbuzzo Nachosaurus Dish Set Stegosaur

You can now buy a serving dish for nachos covered in the likeness of a stegosaur, offering you a Jurassic substitute for the monotonous plates and bowls you got in the kitchen. It doesn’t make your nachos taste better or offer a more efficient technique for feasting on tortilla chips. But if you are searching […]

12 Awesome Pool Floats For Summer Parties

It’s summer, and your social media feed are full of pool floats once again. Instead of gnashing your teeth at the scene of people showing off their best pose while using one, why not join the fun? Listed here are some awesome floats that will look excellent on your Instagram and Facebook.   1. Giant […]

Nerf Laser Ops Pro Blasters Laser Tag

For those who have the same pet peeve when having fun with laser tag, then you will likely enjoy the Nerf Laser Ops Pro. A whole new set of laser blasters, it removes cheating by having one simple modification: they set the hit sensors on the blaster itself. In particular, they put it under the […]

Adam Savage’s 1000 Shot Nerf Blaster

Adam gets a Nerf Rival blaster and enhances it with a custom-made magazine to store a thousand plastic Nerf balls. The original Rival can shoot 100 consecutive shots, but he thought he could maximize it and make it excel in a Nerf Gun battle. Well, since he is Adam Savage, he did it. He fabbed […]

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