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The 5 Best Travel Backpacks

Many of us may have had a small backpack for school in which we carried those all important books and supplies as well as sometimes our lunch. Well, as we grow up we may trade those in for a briefcase for work or if we get rugged and start backpacking maybe a framed monstrosity that […]

7 Best Winter Running Shoes

Distance running is no joke and the training that goes into it isn’t either. If you are a committed runner and live anyplace where it snows in the winter you know that running in those cold months is a challenge. The problem is you can’t just stop for a few months until it gets warm […]

Best Coffee Makers for Camping

Getting out into the great outdoors to go camping is a great adventure and something we all should do at least once. When you do decide to rough it for a little while you tend to give up a few creature comforts but one thing that most don’t give up is that morning cup of […]

Top 10 Best iPod and iPhone Docks

Prior to 2001 if you wanted to carry 1,000+ songs with you, you would need a massive box of CDs or at best a clunky digital player. In 2001, however, the revolution began when the first iPod was released, making carrying vast amounts of music with you so very simple. With space for around 1000 […]

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