Hilux AT44 6×6 Arctic Truck

Hilux AT44 6×6 Arctic Truck is specifically built to survive the polar environment, such as the South Pole and Antarctica plateau. It has built several 6×6 vehicles before, and their most recent is an intense 6-wheeled drive beast. The advantage of the 6x6 Truck over a 4x4 are higher load volume and … [Read more...] about Hilux AT44 6×6 Arctic Truck

The Range Rover Velar

The most in demand pick when buying a car nowadays are 4x4 vehicles. Their weight and size make them one of the safest cars to ride. Land Rover officially announced it’s boldest and latest in their 4x4 lineup, the Range Rover Velar. This fourth distinct model of Range Rover fits between the Range … [Read more...] about The Range Rover Velar

Alfa Romeo C18 Concept

Alfa Romeo is an Italian car manufacturer that focuses on motorsport, performance, and design and considers style as a primary concern. An automotive architect and designer, Antonio Paglia created an incredible and admirable concept for Alfa Romeo C18. He worked and received multiple car design … [Read more...] about Alfa Romeo C18 Concept

BMW Alpha Motorcycle Concept

The BMW Alpha is a concept created by Turkish designer Mehmet Doruk Erdem. It is a motorcycle specifically built for the Bonneville Salt Flats. As you can see, Erdem used the Great White Shark as his inspiration! About two years ago, in Utah, Mark Atkinson’s father published the design and style on … [Read more...] about BMW Alpha Motorcycle Concept

EHang Drone Taxi

Chinese firm Ehang is finally taking the very first unmanned aerial drone taxi to the city of Dubai this year. The enormous drones can easily transport a 220lb passenger and have a compartment for one small luggage. Navigation is offered by a passenger-controlled tablet, for choosing your desired … [Read more...] about EHang Drone Taxi