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2019 BMW i8 Roadster Upgraded With An All New Body Style

BMW’s stylish flagship hybrid gets a number of improvements — and an all-new figure design. The BMW i8 Roadster makes use of a plug-in hybrid powertrain much like the prior hardtop, just upgraded with more potential, power, and distance. Horsepower is up 12, electric range is now about 33 miles, and it can hit 65 […]

Bruiser Jeep Wrangler 6×6 Pickup Truck

Regardless of how crazy your creativity is, Bruiser Conversions will make your dream possible, although your fantasy is a 6-wheeled Jeep. Beginning with a JK Wrangler Unlimited, the 6×6 expanded the back to fit a pickup-style bed together with two Ford nine-inch axels. Personalized mounting brackets and Fox headgear all over preserve the initial suspension […]

Battery Powered Batmobile – Alieno Arcanum 5000 Horsepower Electric Hypercar

Meet the 5,221-hp, 303 miles per hour, all-electric Alieno Arcanum. It delivers the finest, brashest and most bizarre set of offers we have ever found in a press release. Alieno’s first vehicle, if these claims are to be considered, will immediately become the fastest, strongest and most advanced production car on earth. Let’s check out a […]

Rolls Royce Cullinan SUV

The Rolls-Royce Cullinan is an ultra-luxury SUV with a quintessentially Rolls-Royce style that it almost justifies the estimated $325,000 price. After seeing the Cullinan, we can all agree that it is absolutely a fantastic work of art. To begin with, it looks exactly like you would picture a Rolls Sports utility vehicle would look like—a […]

Truck Surf Hotel Motorhome

The Truck Surf Hotel is an expanding, 2-story motorhome which is equipped with much more space and luxury than your normal VW van. Right now you can have an extravagance getaway and exploration trip all-in-one. Fundamentally, the concept is that a number of tourists fill up in the Truck Surf Hotel and associated support automobiles […]

Plasan Yagu Ultra Lightweight Armored Vehicle

Armored cars aren’t only for the armed forces. Lots of private citizens buy military-spec vehicles each day, though those people need to have a lot of spare money to buy one. They also quite likely have a garage area to accommodate their metal-plated monster vehicle. How about the rest of us? Plasan, the Isreal-based maker […]

Timeless Kustoms Corvette

Timeless Kustoms develops some remarkable custom muscle cars from their shop in California, the first took our interest with their Camaro and custom conversions. This 1954 Corvette ZR1 is without a doubt the coolest looking custom Corvette ever, the fellas resurrected the car by constructing an extraordinary hot rod. Called the “Death Star” this crazy […]

Mil-Spec Launch Edition H1 Hummer

The Mil-Spec crew started sketching their introductory refurbishment of the famous H1 a couple of years before the 12 person squad of experts commenced the painstaking process of rebuilding and restoring from the frame out. Almost every component of the vehicle is enhanced, with the Launch Edition keeping only the first core framework rails and […]

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