Nomad Tactical Buggy

This remarkable Mad-Max-style dune buggy is built for the rough and tough of the wild but is equally at home in the city and equally as enjoyable. The tube-framed Nomad Tactical Buggy is driven by a 230 horse power Honda K-series 4-cylinder engine that gives 200 lb-ft of torsional power, letting it rush to 60 […]

VIDEO: Terraquad Amphibious ATV – Conquer Land or Water at 45mph

The Terraquad amphibious ATV is set to deal with whatever Mother Nature tosses its way. This adaptable two-seater features a 4-cylinder 140 hp system that can get to rates of speed of 50 mph on terrain and 45 mph over water. Conquer everything be it land or water!

Kalashnikov Electric Supercar Takes On Tesla With Its Retro Styled e-Car

The boxy blue sedan was showcased to the press at a defense expo around Moscow on August 23, getting into lots of other offbeat prototype automobiles in the company’s stable. Labeled the CV-1, the electric powered car’s look is influenced by the Izh-Kombi, a tiny Soviet vehicle developed for people in the seventies. It may […]

Microlino Micro Electric Car

The Microlino Micro Electric Car drives compact sensibilities to the next stage. Built to offer “the perfect balance between the features of a mini bike and a car”, this small car fits only two with some space left in the back for goods. Most omportantly, the rider and one passenger get via a front access, […]

Lucid Air EV Pricing Specs Revealed and Costs Less Than Tesla

Lucid Motors has been polishing off the product it wants to market next year. Even though the firm showed off a finished vehicle in December a year ago, we weren’t presented any information about pricing or completed performance specifications. Ultimately, 3 months later, we certainly have the full picture. The preliminary concept proposed the Air […]

New Ariel Atom 4 Will Outperform Cars 10x its Price

With a 320-hp engine and considerable modifications throughout the vehicle, anyone can reach 60 miles per hour (96.5 km/h) in 2.8 seconds for about $53,000. The Ariel Atom boasts its wildly fast lap times, incredible acceleration, overgrown go-kart style, and its striking curved trellis framework. The best thing about it is the manner it reveals […]

Polestar 1 Coupe – The First Product from Volvo’s Performance Brand

As the first performance brand of Volvo, the Polestar 1 Coupe has been greatly anticipated. It seems to be worth the wait with its features and overall look. This 2+2 grand touring car features an “Electric Performance Hybrid” powertrain that brings together dual electric engines for the rear wheels of the car with a smashing […]

2019 BMW i8 Roadster Upgraded With An All New Body Style

BMW’s stylish flagship hybrid gets a number of improvements — and an all-new figure design. The BMW i8 Roadster makes use of a plug-in hybrid powertrain much like the prior hardtop, just upgraded with more potential, power, and distance. Horsepower is up 12, electric range is now about 33 miles, and it can hit 65 […]

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