Nomad Tactical Buggy

This remarkable Mad-Max-style dune buggy is built for the rough and tough of the wild but is equally at home in the city and equally as enjoyable. The tube-framed Nomad Tactical Buggy is driven by a 230 horse power Honda K-series 4-cylinder engine that gives 200 lb-ft of torsional power, letting it … [Read more...] about Nomad Tactical Buggy

Sand X Armored ATV

Sand-X Motors from Switzerland is a maker of tactical, armored, and exceptional utility vehicles built to the toughest of features. Although most of the automobiles they provide are made for combat, one vehicle on their plan is perfect for a bulletproof sort of entertainment — their SAND-X T-ATV … [Read more...] about Sand X Armored ATV

Microlino Micro Electric Car

The Microlino Micro Electric Car drives compact sensibilities to the next stage. Built to offer “the perfect balance between the features of a mini bike and a car”, this small car fits only two with some space left in the back for goods. Most omportantly, the rider and one passenger get via a front … [Read more...] about Microlino Micro Electric Car