Changhong H2 Spectrometer

The Changhong H2 is an 8-core mobile phone with an extra big 6-inch display and integrated spectrometer. These Spectrometers function by releasing a beat of near-infrared light that triggers materials in an item to resonate. From the returned light, the specific material structure of an object can be acquired. The company first launched similar tech in […]

FaceApp – Look Older or Make Yourself Smile

The Neural Network-based FaceApp turned the conventional way of image editing upside down. Unlike other photo editing app, it aims to change the content while maintaining photorealism. The FaceApp offers six filters such as Male, Female, Old, Young, Hot, and Smile. This is a refresher to those tired of old selfie filters. These filters used […]

Game Golf Live Tracking System

Progress arises from learning your game and tracking your overall performance on the route. Get rid of speculation and monitor the KPIs (key performance indicators) that matter most. Stroke by stroke, Game Golf Live Tracking System documents all your figures so you can picture your overall performance like never before. Secure quick feedback immediately to […]

Plum Lightpad Control With Mobile App

Plum Lightpad is the latest item that allows you to wisely manage the lighting fixtures in your house or office, it links through the Wi-Fi network and displays info on the power usage or even in case one of your bulbs has burned and must be changed. The app that comes with it also has […]

Petnet Smartfeeder

Pets are family too. We are very passionate about them and provide all their necessities without expecting anything in return. Show you really care and give the attention they deserve by all means necessary. There’s a certain bond that connects us to our pets. One major concern we can think of is how they could manage […]

Indoor Shooting Range by iTarget

Possessing a gun for home security is one thing, but being prepared to shoot it is another matter totally. In other words, you should be experienced and highly skilled in using your pistol. There’s simply no shortage of gun ranges to perform just that, however, the Indoor Shooting Range by iTarget provides a convenient, less […]

Komodo AIO Smart Compression Sleeve

As you may already know, wearable and fitness trackers that wrap around your wrist may not be the most accurate. To solve this problem, Komodo has created the world’s first smart compression sleeve that touts “a complete picture of the heart’s electrical activity and muscular health.” It’s much more accurate than a wrist wearable because […]

BearTooth App Communicate Off the Grid

Smartphones can help you with a lot of things, but one particular spot where they fall short is off-the-grid connectivity. Venture out beyond the reach of a cellular data coverage or a competent Wi-Fi reception, and your accessibility to the vast telecommunications infrastructure instantly vanishes. When you are out in the woods without any coverage, […]

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