C-Force Portable USB C Monitor for the Nintendo Switch

The portable IPS monitor is compact enough to toss in a backpack while being big enough to provide you with an excellent view of the action. Regardless of whether you are enjoying PUBG Mobile on Android, Smash Bros on the Switch or some other mobile game that may take advantage of a larger screen, it provides you with the benefit of a bigger display screen for a better view of what you are playing.

Built to plug into any gadget with USB-C connector, it might be used as a large display for your Nintendo Switch or Android gadgets, along with a second screen for USB-C laptop computers, so that you can defend taking a mini-monitor by informing everyone you really need it for better efficiency, instead of just providing you with bigger display when actively playing Fortnite on the highway.

It offers a full 1080p res, so all your video games will show up unambiguous and sharp, with flexible brightness, to help you adjust the backlighting in line with ambient factors. You know, lower it while you are playing inside and burst it up to limit if you are out in the daytime. For sound, it is also built with dual speakers along with a 3.5mm headphone jack, to help you blast your gameplay audio or impede it to yourself, based on your disposition.

The C-Force doesn’t include a built-in battery, which helps keep the housing thin. Rather, they include two USB-C slots. Based on the device you’re using, the monitor could either pull power from the primary USB-C connection or you need to connect it up to another energy source. We are uncertain whether there are mobile phones around that can run this thing, even though they claim they’ve tested with a number of phones to good results.



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