Breadbot Breadmaking Robot CES 2019

The Breadbot Breadmaking Robot is designed to make bakeries more effective by leaving the job of producing bread completely to the robots. It does not only make loaves of bread but also built to be an attraction, therefore stores can put it in an active area to work as a robotic baking display. You know, something stores may use to make people stay an area just enough to sell them a lot more goods.

The BreadBot is a piece of sizable equipment – the type that can use up a whole wall in an area with its 22-square-foot structure. For that size, you get a machine that automates the whole bread-making procedure, needing to simply leave your bread mix thru the funnel on the left to have the whole thing running. Yes, it does all the rest, from kneading the mixture into a dough and making the dough to proofing the dough and also baking it in the oven, leaving you with almost nothing to do but serve the loaves it generates.

As outlined by its makers, the Wilkinson Baking Company, the device can create its first finished loaf 90 minutes after being turned on, all while moving out each next loaf every 6 minutes. This means that, once it gets going, it will creating 10 freshly-baked loaves per hour, letting it generate a maximum of 235 loaves daily.


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