Bloqbag Backpack Modular Backpack

Bloqbag Backpack Modular Backpack 1


Making use of various columns of connectors on the front side of the bag, the Bloqbag Backpack Modular Backpack may take various different pouches that you just clip on and off. The connector style are spaced equally in both rows and columns all through the whole front area of the bag, letting you really increase the volume of spaces you can tack onto the initial pack.

The Bloqbag is offered in a rectangle-shaped profile with an even front panel, which makes it easy to snap those storage compartments onto the connections. Those connectors on the backpack on its own are mainly passive, while those on the extension compartment include magnetic snaps that snug everything in position. To set up a pouch, just snap it on; to take it down, slide off to detach the magnetic device before taking the entire thing off.

Other than its expandable style, the bag also features multi-purpose ties that enable you to bring it either as a messenger bag, a backpack, or a sling bag. The more compact one can even be used like a waist pack for adaptability. Design is made from duck cotton with PVC support and a Double Dee strengthened ripstop liner, making certain it’s tough both inside and out. The basic bags are only obtainable in black, though the expansion pouches are available in black, green, white, and blue.

Bloqbag Backpack Modular Backpack 2

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