7 Best Winter Running Shoes

Distance running is no joke and the training that goes into it isn’t either. If you are a committed runner and live anyplace where it snows in the winter you know that running in those cold months is a challenge. The problem is you can’t just stop for a few months until it gets warm otherwise your conditioning will suffer. So if you want to keep training you need to invest in some cold weather running shoes, preferably ones that are also good during the summer as well.


1. Nike Lunarglide +5 Shield

If you live in an area that gets occasional light snow or slippery conditions the Lunarglide may be good for. With deeper than average treads it helps you find traction in slippery conditions but it is not going to be too clunky on smooth dry surfaces. A thin fleece layer keeps out the cold pretty well without causing your feet to get too sweaty when the weather warms up. It also features reflective exterior features that will make you more visible when running at night making these a pretty good all weather running shoe.


2. Saucony Xodus 4.0 GTX

When the snow is deeper or the terrain tougher a pair of these running shoes come into their own. Heavier than your standard runners, these shoes are not suited to warm weather street running as they are a little heavy. These kicks, however, are great for a few inches of snow conditions or running tougher hiking trails. They have great cushion support and are very hard wearing. It is a water resistant shoe so as long as you are not running ankle deep in drifts your feet should stay pretty dry and warm.


3. Asics Gel-Arctic 4 WR

Specifically designed to tackle challenging icy roads and snow, these running shoes are tough and have specialized retractable spikes to grip in slippy conditions. These are somewhat clunky shoes which means you will likely be disappointed if you find getting a feel for the road surface to be important. They are comfortable though, tough, warm and water resistant. The gel cushioning is also resistant to hardening while in cold conditions so these shoes will remain as forgiving in snow as they are in dry warm conditions.


4. Salomon Snowcross CS

These running shoes are for those who are who going to be tackling some of the toughest winter conditions. Offering a solid seal around your feet these shoes keep out the cold and snow while having a rugged interior that will take the brunt of rough terrain without you suffering too much discomfort. Designed with ice grips in the soles these are some really heavy duty running shoes.


5. Altra Lone Peak 1.5

Sometimes you just have the need to feel every contour of the road but still retain some decent grip in tough conditions. These running shoes feature a zero drop platform which will get you as close to feeling like you are running barefoot as you can get without freezing your feet. The cleverly crafted sole still manages to grip well in snowy conditions thanks to wide spaced lugs and a tough footprint like center. This allows for much better traction while still giving you a feel of the road.


6. Brooks Adrenaline ASR 11 GTX

Considered one of the best all weather running shoes, the Adrenaline ASR is perfect for changeable conditions. As winter draws to an end days can switch from icy to just plain wet so quickly which means a pair of running shoes like these is perfect. They can grip an icy road almost as well as a wet road and can handle rugged terrain just as well as asphalt. These may be heavy duty shoes but they are still light enough to not exhaust you on a simple road run.


7. Merrell Mix Master Move

This shoe may not be a true winter running shoe as it is more suited to late fall or early spring. It is when the weather is wetter and the ground muddier that these really shine, offering amazing waterproofing and great traction in slippy conditions. These are very lightweight shoes so they don’t really offer much impact protection, therefore rugged icy conditions may take a toll on your feet. They do, however, keep your feet dry so if the snow is soft you can get some use of these shoes.


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