Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

You shouldn’t be limited when it comes to where you can take your music because if you are chilling by the pool or taking a long soak in the tub you need your beats. Being able to take your bluetooth speakers with you into an area where there is a risk of it getting a little damp is invaluable. There is a whole host of great waterproof bluetooth personal speakers out there on the market and here are just a few of the very best you can buy.

1. Photive Hydra


The Hydra in mythology is a water beast that takes a beating but comes back stronger, its namesake from Photive may not live up to that myth but it’s still pretty good. Not the most rugged speaker on the market, it isn’t great for camping but can handle a little dirt and dust. The main thing about the Hydra is that if you drop it in the water it won’t immediately be ruined. It can handle a short time of being submerged and still carry on working just fine.



The Swimmer has a somewhat apt name as its distinctive shape is very reminiscent of, well to be frank, it looks like a sperm cell. This comical look however does have a purpose as the tail allows this speaker to hang in a variety of places without any special mounting requirements. Also able to handle being submerged in 1 meter of water for up to 20 minutes this has got very decent waterproofing.

3. EcoxGear EcoxBT


You don’t have to worry about this speaker handling being submerged because it’s not going to sink. That’s the whole idea of the EcoxBT, it floats happily on the surface meaning you can drop it in the pool or out on the lake and your fun will not be ruined.

4. Altec Lansing Life Jacket


This speaker cannot be accused of being a pretty boy because in all honesty it looks like the ’80s slapped it with the ugly stick. That being said this is a good quality speaker which allows up to 8 devices to sync with it and lets you answer your phone using voice commands. Sound quality is solid from this speaker and it can handle damp conditions.

5. Kohler GPM Moxie


Kohler is known for faucets and shower heads but not as a speaker manufacturer which may make you nervous about this offering. Surprisingly though they have pulled off a minor miracle because they have created a speaker that is built into a shower head and allows you to take your music into the shower. Slotting into the center of the head the music cascades over you at the same time as the water.

6. Scosche Boom Bottle


A little something for the cyclist who doesn’t want earphones blocking out the sounds of the road in the interests of safety. This clever water resistant speaker is designed to fit into the bottle holder of your bike allowing you to have your tunes playing as you take a long bike ride. It has decent sound production although high traffic noise will pretty much drown it out.

7. Braven BRV-X


This solid speaker can take a dip without breaking as long as you don’t leave it submerged for too long. The true beauty of this speaker however is that it actually doubles as a battery just in case you need to charge one of your devices. Holding up to 5,200 mAh it makes a great camping back up in the event that surviving takes precedence over your jams.

8. Logitech UE Boom


Designed for optimum portability the Boom with its cylinder shape can clip easily to a bag or bike for some travel tunes. Resistant to dust and a certain level of moisture it can hold up to the occasional spring shower but if you let it get soaked it’s done for.

9. Fugoo Tough


The name says it all, the Tough is, in fact, very tough. This rugged little noise maker can take mud, rain, snow and some serious bumps making it truly a go anywhere speaker. It also produces some pretty impressive sound using 6 drivers to offer up 360 degree noise. Complete with a waterproof remote this is your perfect although pricey waterproof bluetooth speaker.

10. Outdoor Tech Big Turtle Shell


Portable would be a generous moniker for this speaker as although that is technically true, it really is pushing the definition. Bigger than many of its competitors the Turtle Shell is perfect for outside parties but it doesn’t travel well due to its size. The bonus that stems from having a larger speaker however is that it does produce big sound and cover a larger area than its competition.


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