The 5 Best Travel Backpacks

Many of us may have had a small backpack for school in which we carried those all important books and supplies as well as sometimes our lunch. Well, as we grow up we may trade those in for a briefcase for work or if we get rugged and start backpacking maybe a framed monstrosity that carries supplies to hike for days. Alternatively, we may choose a travel backpack which is bigger than the one we had at school but not so big that you could pack your whole life in there. These kind of backpacks are for those who need a good piece of luggage for traveling that can also be carry-on for plane journeys.


1. Kelty Flyway

This durable backpack from Kelty comes in a variety of sizes from 43 liter to 50 liter capacity. Built with a rugged but light internal aluminium frame it is perfect for day hikes as well as carry on luggage. The tough polyester design includes several external pockets to pack away your devices so you have access to laptops and phones. Built in sternum straps allow you to more evenly disperse weight for when you pack is carrying a heavy load.



2. Minaal Carry-On

Designed by people who love to travel this backpack features all the things you need and none of the dumb fluff. A lockable laptop compartment keeps your computer safer when you have to check the bag, while specialized compartments have been created for the important things you need when traveling. Gone are the stupid dangling bits of material on the end of zippers and the straps have been designed to be fully foldaway when needed. This is a compact pack with just 35 liters of capacity but it has a nice functional simplicity to it.


3. Kelty Ascender 22

If you want a backpack that can become rolling luggage then this offering from Kelty may be for you. Featuring a removable rolling frame this pack can go from hiking to short stay travel case quickly and easily. Thanks to a durable expandable design this pack can hold between 40 to 70 liters making it useful for carry-on or even checked luggage if you so wish. This bag is also tough so it can handle the great outdoors as well.


4. Tortuga V2 Backpack

Packed full of pockets the Tortuga V2 is an upgrade from the original and makes for a great easy access travel bag. Featuring a host of device pockets and even some storage on the straps an organized traveler will find it easy navigating airport drama. The tough straps can carry a decent load and a lockable laptop pocket will keep sticky fingers off your computer making this a pretty secure bag.


5. Osprey Farpoint

The Farpoint is the real tough guy of the travel backpack world and can handle a heavy load without reaching a breaking point. Comfortable straps help to diffuse a heavy pack and its 40-liter capacity means you can carry a lot. It does still suffer from being a standard style pack, however, despite a decent number of pockets. This means that you could still find yourself searching for stuff in the main compartment.


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