13 Best Smart Home Gadgets

The world of smart tech is growing daily and you might be astonished at just how many gadgets there are these days that have been smartened up. There are more and more cool gadgets hitting the market that have integrated smart technology and here are a few of the coolest.


1. Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Opener


You don’t always have your garage door remote at hand but you do usually have your smartphone within reach. So it is only logical that smart technology should become a part of your garage door opening and that is just what the MyQ Garage Door Opener is for. This clever gadget will allow you to open your garage with a tap of your phone screen from anywhere. Rumored updates on this will apparently include a location sensor that will have your door open when you are nearby and close it once you are in the garage, pretty neat.


2. Quirky Aros

There’s nothing worse than coming home to a hot, stuffy house and having to wait for the AC to cool it off to a bearable level. Well, the Quirky Aros AC unit can be turned on remotely before you get home using your smartphone. Also you can set it to turn be turned on via a timer or it can actually learn your usage habits and come on all on its own.


3. Wink Smart Home Hub

A truly smart home with many smart gadgets needs a smart hub and the Wink system is one of the best. This hub is designed to work with the vast line of Wink Smart devices and allows you to use one app to control things like climate control, lights and other electronic gadgets from your smartphone.


4. Kwikset Kevo

When it’s dark out or your coordination is a little off from having had a few drinks, getting a key into a lock can be a challenge. Many of us combat the dark by using a flashlight app on our phone to light up the lock but if you have a Kwikset Kevo lock fitted you can unlock using an app and the tap of the screen. You can also assign other app users who can unlock your door as well so you don’t have to get keys cut for your new girl or boyfriend. Oh, and don’t worry if your phone battery dies you are not locked out because the lock does have a hard copy key as well.


5. Belkin WeMo Smart Slow Cooker

The slow cooker has been a useful tool for decades, just set up your meal before you head out for work and when you get home its cooked and ready to eat. Well the WeMo Slow Cooker is a step up on that because, using an app, you can monitor and adjust your slow cooked meal throughout the day. Slow cookers may generally be foolproof but sometimes you can over cook things and this gadget just gives you that much more control. Also if you know you will be later than you planned you can turn the cooker down a little to adjust for a longer cook time, brilliant.


6. Dropcam Pro

A noise downstairs in the living room and you are all alone – nightmare, right? Are you going to creep downstairs and see what’s happening or will you fire up your Dropcam Pro and see right on your phone if it was just the cat knocking something over? This clever little surveillance camera can be set up to monitor what’s going on using continuous video, two way audio and night vision. This model has a built-in motion detector which can warn you if something is moving where it shouldn’t be, frankly this could be a lifesaver.


7. Nest Learning Thermostat

How often do we have the AC or heating running when we don’t really need it? It’s such a waste of money. But with a Nest Learning Thermostat that can be remedied. This clever gadget can learn your schedule and control heating and AC accordingly or you can set it all up ahead of time so that you can have your home at the right temperature when you return. This can avoid heating or cooling a house for the eight hours you are not home and save you a whole heap on your bills.


8. WallyHome

This can be a real money saving device if you use it right because the cost of repairing home water damage can be crippling. The WallyHome allows you to set up sensors in at risk areas of the home that will detect the second a water leak begins. Set these up under the sink, behind the toilet or near your shower pipes and it will tell you if undue moisture is starting to accumulate. Early warning on a leak can be the difference between a quick fix/cleanup and thousands of dollars in repairs.


9. Leviton Humidy Sensor and Fan Control


This is another moisture detector which is geared more toward a whole room environment. It senses if a room is becoming too humid and can activate a dehumidifying fan to deal with the nasty damp air. Certain rooms can just be prone to dampness which as a result can make them smelly and unpleasant to be in. This gadget can just make your rooms nicer to be in but it also work as an early warning that their may be a more serious damp problem.


10. Flux Bluetooth LED Light


Now you can personalize your lighting with a lightbulb that can change to over 16 million different types of colors and also a ton of different white hues. You can control the light at your fingertips with any smart phone or tablet. Control multiple bulbs and even set a timer to turn on your light. What’s really cool is that you can also sync your light bulb to music – so it’s perfect for entertaining and parties.


11. Nest Smoke and CO2 Alarm

This smart tech is a real boost to home safety taking the mystery out of what threat you are facing in the home. No more smoke alarm and separate CO2 detector the Nest Smoke + CO2 Alarm is an all in one and will tell you directly via words what the problem is. So it’s not just a beeping alarm that has you searching for smoke or sniffing the air it will just tell you if it’s smoke of dangerous CO2 levels.


12. Nu Bryte

The NuBryte is another pretty cool smart home control console. This device has a built-in camera that will see you enter a room and turn the lights on, if needed it can also double as a security camera. This console helps you control all associated smart devices in your home and can also let you communicate with your family if you are not home.


13. Sleep Number Bed

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 12.01.40 AM

After all those smart gadgets astounding you all day you will probably be exhausted but are you sleeping efficiently enough? Well, let the Sleep Number c2 bed figure that out for you. This clever adjustable bed is not only comfortable but it also tracks your sleep quality. It does this by monitoring your movement, breathing and heart rate. It uses IQ sleep monitors to track all this data and can give you suggestions on how you might get a better night’s sleep.


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