Top 5 Best Sleeping Bags for Camping

You may not have the best tent in the world but there is one thing that can counteract a drafty or stuffy situation and that is a good quality sleeping bag. With a good sleeping bag you open up your options to the point that if you want to sleep under the stars sans tent you can do so comfortably. Something that keeps you warm or helps you to not suffocate if it gets a little warmer allows for better comfort which can’t be bad when you are roughing it.

1. Coleman Trinidad Summer

The Trinidad Summer is mainly designed for warmer conditions allowing you to sleep covered up without being uncomfortable because of heat. That being said, however, the Summer will also keep you warm if the temp drops a little offering warmth when the temperature drops as low as 40 degrees. If it gets much colder than 40 out there you need to be nestled in a more substantial bag.

2. Teton Sports Trailhead


If you are looking for a low priced bag that can hold up against lower temperatures while not taking up too much space in your pack then the Trailhead is a great option. The material that makes up the Trailhead is dense rather than fluffy meaning that it will compact down more easily for packing away. It can handle near freezing temps while still keeping you safe and comes with an array of storage pockets in case you need to keep valuables safe.

3. Marmot Cloudbreak

Coming from one of the premier sleeping bag companies, Marmot, the Cloudbreak is a really solid sleeper that can keep you cozy in the cold. This bag can keep you warm in temps as low as 20 degrees using heat reflective material to retain the warmth coming from your body.

4. REI Radiant

The Radiant is a very tough versatile sleeping bag which is waterproof and rip resistant. Designed to handle rugged camping this bag won’t get damp and will keep you snug down to 20 degrees. It is a very hugging bag so if you prefer room to move it may not be for you.

5. Mountain Hardwear Ratio 32

The cleverly crafted Ratio 32 gives you a fluffy downy sleeping bag that will not become waterlogged in the wet. Filled with feathers that have been treated to be water resistant this bag feels cozy and will stay so even in humid, damp conditions. Ideal for those camping in the Pacific Northwest it can handle temps down as low as freezing.


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