5 Best Pocket Knives for Under $50

Want to be prepared on your next outdoor trip? That begins right here, with a decent pocket knife you can bring with you almost everywhere. How often do you think you’re in a situation where you’ve told yourself, “Damn, a knife could be really helpful now!” Having a reliable knife helps a lot in accomplishing simple tasks like opening a can or difficult tasks like making a shelter in the wild. A pocket knife cheaper than $50 isn’t an unreasonable need. Below are among the best pocket knives you can buy under $50.

Gerber Ripstop


The Ripstop style is much like a utility knife. The knife’s super-lightweight framework lock concepts provide bold durability and high efficiency. The body weight of the all stainless construction knife is made lighter in weight by the skeleton handle and sharp edge layout.  Opening and closing can easily be done with a single hand and fits your pocket without hassle. And, for only $10 its a solid buy.

Opinel No 7

Opinel no. 7 is ultra light and easy to hold.  It’s superior as a camping knife due to the stable barrel lock and balance. The Opinel Features double protection ring to lock the blade in both open or closed position and has superb edge retention.

Ontario Rat

The RAT shines in its very minimalistic appearance. It has a design that not only looks cool but is also easy to clean after use. The ergonomic nylon produces a great layout with great handle. Its hefty torx screws all over the spine provide firmness that supports it for heavy-duty duties. The full metal liners on both sides create a strong liner lock. The simplicity and reliability makes it a good choice.

Benchmade HK Ally

The maker’s commitment to high quality, advancement and safety ensures they are a market innovator in dependability and technology. This folding knife is designed for use in dire combat and self-defense circumstances. However, it can do typical work like cutting objects or sharpening a pencil. The whole design is paramilitary which has a low layout for strapping into a boot, over a utility buckle, or keeping concealed from view until needed.

Kershaw Cryo II

Though it’s a bigger knife, the Cryo II is amazingly slender and fits easily deep in the pants pocket due to its deep-carry clip. It is among the most popular knives on the market, particularly for the enthusiast wanting to get an authentic Hinderer knife made for less. The smooth metal layout is a bit slick for hard work, yet provides a single-piece look. Coupled with the quick flipper open, makes for a brilliantly designed knife.


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