10 Best Men’s Minimalist Slim Wallets

A fat wallet may make you feel like you have tons of money but let’s be honest, it’s all cards, receipts and change in there. If we are being honest those bulky overstuffed wallets are the bane of our existence, we really don’t need much in a wallet and it’s better if it doesn’t leave our pocket feeling heavy. The trend in minimalist wallets is in full swing and the smartest among us should ditch the bulky leather cash carriers and simplify our lives.

1. Dash 2.0 Wallet


Designed for one card and some folding cash the Dash 2.0 is the new improved version of Steven Elliot’s original design. Made of leather and elastic this simple wallet has a quickdraw slot that allows you to use your scanable credit card without taking it out.

2. Whipping Post Pickers Wallet

Targeted at the musician who likes to keep it simple, the Pickers wallet holds a few cards and some paper cash. The only other thing you will be able to slip into this wallet is a guitar pick in the special front pocket.

3. Human Republic Slim Money Clip Wallet

Clean looking stainless steel makes up this minimalist wallet that holds up to 4 cards using outer clips and has an inner slot to hold some folding money. Made in one piece this not only looks cool but is simple.

4. Capsule Minimalist Wallet

This leather wallet is deceiving in its minimalism as it can handle up to 6 credit cards, cash and your driver’s license comfortably. Using an integrated cashstrap everything is held in place snugly and the front ID pocket allows you fast access to your driver’s license.

5. William Wallet

The line between money clip and minimalist wallet is a fine one and with this offering it’s barely there at all. Inspired by a money clip this wallet is just 2 aluminium panels held together by an elasticated strap. The strap holds your money tight and the panels keep it from getting crumpled.

6. Inkleaf Double-Cross Wallets


This super lightweight leather wallet is made from one piece of material and can hold as many as six cards and a fold of cash comfortably. It has a classy look to it which will impress as you take it out to pay for all those other classy things you buy.

7. Machine Era Wallet


Tough and light this wallet is formed from a solid piece of either brass or aluminum and features a strap across the front to hold cards and cash in place. The solid metal back means this is a tough wallet but it is still very light and won’t leave you with bulging pockets.

8. KC Co Handmade Leather Simple Wallet

If you like a leather feel but not the fact that an animal has to die to get it then this wallet is perfect for you. Made from a single piece of vegetable tanned leather this minimalist wallet has two card pockets and a cash section.

9. Supr Slim Wallet

When this wallet is empty it’s just a piece of stretchy material making it the world’s slimmest money carrier. The nature of this wallet however allows you to carry upwards of 10 cards and cash in it because it will stretch to meet your needs.

10. The Money Wrap by Daycraft


Simplicity itself the Wrap from Daycraft is just a piece of leather that you wrap around your cards and cash. When it comes to holding everything in place you just wrap an elasticated band around the whole thing and you have the simplest wallet in the world.


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