10 Best Home Space Heaters

With Winters seemingly getting more brutal and heating fuel costs on the rise it is not cheap to stop yourself from freezing in your own home. The problem is that a central heating system will warm up your whole house but use a heck of a lot of fuel to do it. It is actually more cost effective to only heat the rooms that need heating which is achieved best by using space heaters. A good space heater can keep you warm in whichever room you are using and will not cost anywhere near as much as heating a whole house.


1. Lasko 754200

The Lasko 754200 is a great little heater that can pump out some impressive heating power. This ceramic plated heating unit uses a fan to disperse the heat and has an exterior grill plate to prevent any accidents such as fires. This unit can heat a reasonably sized room very quickly and could even meet the challenge of a studio apartment within reason. It does not get too hot externally which means you can move this very portable unit with you around the house if you like without risking burns.


2. Holmes HFH436


Those cold tile floors in the bathroom can be a real bane in the winter so you need a space heater such as the Holmes HFH436. This unit works great in damp conditions such as you might find in the bathroom. If it gets wet, it has an appliance leakage current interrupter which means it will shut off and not electrocute anyone. This unit also has a programmable timer so you can make sure your bathroom is warm before you have your morning shower.


3. Lasko 6435


This Oscillating unit from Lasko is great for heating medium-sized rooms thanks to its movement. Heavier than the 754200 from Lasko, the 6435 is obviously a little less mobile but it makes up for that with power and a setup + forget style operation. You simply decide where you want to place the heater and then you can control it via remote or pre-programming. This unit also runs very quiet so you won’t have too much background noise disturbing your relaxation time.


4. Lasko 5624


This baseboard style space heater from Lasko is efficient for heating rooms up to 400 square feet with a minimum of intrusion in terms of space and noise. With overheating and tip over safety features this unit is very simple to use and can be pretty much set up and forgotten about. The only draw back is to heat as much as it does it has to draw a fair bit of power but it still should workout cheaper than a gas heating system.


5. Ambia ACH-120

One of the big drawbacks of a space heater is it only emitting heat from one area but the Ambia ACH-120 is different. This unit is designed to have two heating elements which can be separated and placed in different areas of the room. Using this system you can more quickly heat the space although the fans can be a little on the loud side. The ACH-120 also can tend to get a little hot externally so it needs to be kept away from drapes and watched in case of it being knocked over.


6. Honeywell Surround Select


The Honeywell Surround Select is a good little unit that will allow you to evenly warm a small to medium-sized space. With a quiet non-fan based heating system it can be a little slower than most to get the temperature up but the trade off is less noise. This unit rotates 360 degrees to give you a more complete heat coverage although it can be set to a 180 rotation if you need a more directed heat.


7. Delonghi TRD0715T

This quiet and mobile unit from Delonghi may have its drawbacks but it does offer a lot in terms of heating settings and can warm a room pretty well, eventually. The problem with this radiator style space heater is that it has some pretty specific preparation requirements before its first use and it is a little slow to reach a comfortable room temp. It is, however, pretty much silent and if you have the time to let it do its thing it will make a small to medium-sized room toasty and comfy.


8. Crane EE80750


This model from Crane is designed to tackle larger rooms and has the added value of not just being a utilitarian looking piece. With an open fire like look this unit uses ambient light to make for a more cozy looking space heater and can back up its looks with some pretty good heating capacity. It is a simple unit that will allow you to just have the fire glow if you don’t want the heat, however it won’t work the other way around. It does have overheat protection but does not have tip over shutoff so you will need to watch it when in use.


9. Honeywell HZ-980


This offering from Honeywell hits the other side of the attractive space heater spectrum as it really isn’t a looker. It’s basically a black box that emits a slight red glow but it does pack some serious heating power. Rather than heating the air in a room this a more specific unit that will warm you up using infrared technology. A large empty space is not this model’s forte, but a furniture filled room is where it comes into its own. It has plenty of safety features which will prevent the risk of fire, making it ideal around kids and rambunctious pets.


10. Dyson Hot+Cool


If you want heating when it’s cold and cooling when it’s hot then you really can’t go wrong with the Dyson Hot+Cool. This is obviously a pricey piece but it offers you savings in summer and winter so how could that be bad. Using brushless technology this unit blows out warm or cool air depending on what you need. It has a host of settings making it a real all rounder.


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