5 Best Hiking Boots

If you think of hiking as just walking then you really have no idea what it’s all about because until you have taken on a proper hike you just don’t understand. When taking on rough terrain, steep hills and the elements you really need to be prepared and one major part of that is taking care of your feet. You need to ensure that you are wearing footwear that is not only comfortable and supportive but can also handle the conditions you are walking in. If your feet start to blister or get sore from your boots then you won’t be hiking very far at all.

1. Salomon Men’s Quest 4D GTX

Designed for serious backpacking these boots are just as good as day hiking footwear and feature a number of comfort elements. Ankle adjustment features which do not cause excessive tightening on other areas of the foot are a major selling point for this boot. This is a heavy duty boot which is designed for long use so it may be a little heavy for short hikes.

2. Asolo Men’s TPS 520 GV Boot

solo-mens-tps-520-gv-boot Built to be tough on the outside with some very hard wearing leather, these boots also have a nice padded soft interior for added comfort. This is a lighter style boot that will obviously reduce fatigue but will still protect your feet from rough terrain.

3. SaleWa Mountain Trainer Mid

These boots are not built for walking, these are scramblers and really come into their own on rocky uphill terrain. The rigid sole of these boots mean that they are harsh if you are walking on the flat but will protect your feet as you scramble up a stony hillside. This makes them the ideal boot for the really extreme hikers.

4. Columbia PeakFreak Enduro Mid

The Enduro is a very lightweight hiking shoe rather than a boot, which makes it a little more multipurpose. You can wear this shoe on light trails with easy terrain or take on some more rocky terrain although hard hiking is not on the menu. Great for trail running, these are probably the best shoe for those who want to do more than walk.

5. Under Armour UA Speed Freek

The Speed Freek is a serious set of hiking boots with a really tough rugged exterior and great comfort design. Lightweight and cushioned, these boots are popular with hunters who value the quiet step they afford. With a pig skin leather exterior these boots keep out the elements and will last a long time.


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