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10 Best Office Chairs

If you spend most of your time working in an office, sitting in a chair, you really need it to be a comfy one and preferably one that won’t send you home at night with a bad back. This may sometimes mean getting a little more hi-tech with your office seating options, but it can seriously really pay off in the long run.


1. Herman Miller Aeron Chair

TheAeron is where it all really started, this chair was the first to experiment with ergonomics in seating and to break away from office chair norms. Ditching the foam filled pads of earlier office chairs, this model was designed not only for seating comfort but for keeping you cooler. The wicker design allows better airflow around you and also serves to offer some moisture wicking properties. Designed in three different sizes which between them cover many body types, your height and weight can be used to pick your Aeron.


2. HumanScale Freedom With Headrest

The Freedom from Humanscale  is an office chair that focuses on choice and personal preference. Available in a host of different textiles and finishes, the beauty of this model is how adjustable it is. There are six different adjusting controls on this chair which will help you set it up just the way you want it. Obviously this means you will have to do some experimenting but once you find your settings you will be golden. Another cool feature about this model is that you can remove the seating pads and replace them if they become too worn or dirty.


3.Herman Miller Embody Chair


The truth of the matter is that sitting the way we do in the office isn’t really good for us physically. Well, theEmbody chair is Herman Miller’s attempt at minimizing the physical damage that long hours at the desk can cause. The company’s top designers and a crew of medical experts collaborated to create this exoskeleton style chair that helps support your spine better than any other. It may not be the prettiest office chair out there but it’s a very smart buy to protect your back health and circulation.


4. Muvman Stool

Some office jobs are more active than most, for example a lab setting, this means that a low office chair would be unsuitable. When you need to switch from sitting to standing with minimum effort then something like theMuvman Stool is ideal. Designed to be ergonomic, supportive and promote circulation, this is a very mobile seat that you can easily drag around the office space or lab. This chair is able to adjust automatically to the user’s natural posture and movement making it all the more comfortable.


5. Herman Miller Mirra 2


You add a 2 after a product name and you’re expecting that this item must be better than the original model and in this case you are correct. The original Mirra was very successful for a decade and sold very well but Herman Miller just knew they could do better. Introducing theMirra 2, more responsive and adaptive to daily seating needs. The company determined that a separate lumbar support section was needed with more comprehensive adjustability. They also determined that some of the other adjustment controls were no longer needed to create a less complicated but more optimal customization process.


6. Steelcase Gesture


Our office work world revolves around using multiple devices these days and how we sit in our chairs can vary based on what we are using. Well, a great deal of research went into producing the Gesture based on how people commonly sit when using various devices and subsequently where support is needed. As a result a chair which is extremely flexible and supportive without the need of multiple adjustments has been created.


7. Knoll Remix

Some ergonomic seats today have a really outrageous and crazy look to them and few people would feel comfortable taking them into a busy office setting. Thankfully the Remix has managed to straddle the line between being very ergonomic and not looking like something from a bad science fiction movie. A winner of the gold medal for ergonomics at Neocon in 2014, this chair has already proven itself. The back support on this chair is intricate and effective, making it a really great option.


8. Humanscale Saddle Seat Chair

Designed for short term seating rather than an all day desk session the Saddle is designed so that your lower back is held in a better position. Its literal saddle shape means that when you sit on it your hips are spread a little wider which minimizes the pressure on the lower back. This chair is ideal for people who spend a good deal of time moving around the office but who need a comfortable back supporting seat for short periods during the day.


9. Allsteel Mimeo

The Allsteel Mimeo is a lightweight one-size fits most ergonomic chair that has won its share of accolades for design and functionality so you know it’s got some pedigree. With minimal need for adjustment its design flexes well to the user’s body shape and type to make for a comfortable and supportive seat. Also, because this seat is so lightweight, it doesn’t take too much to move it around the office as needed so that your comfort travels with you.


10. Haworth Zody

When your chair has been endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), then you know you are onto something. The Haworth Zody has been praised highly for its passive pelvic support and its asymmetric lumbar support. Basically you can adjust the left and right sides of your chair to offer differing levels of lumbar support which is very rare even in the best ergonomic chairs. The passive pelvic support basically adds a curve to your seat that maintains a more natural position for your pelvis as you sit. When it comes to comfort and avoiding back pain this is a pretty good seat.


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