Best Electric Bikes


If it is at all possible to do your work commute without the use of a car you really should give serious thought to doing so. The impact on our environment if just 1 in 5 people decided to leave the car home in favor of mass transit, walking or cycling would be staggering. Of course sometimes your work is a long way from where you live and cycling may exhaust you before you even start your day. There are, however, some really good electric bikes out there that will make the commute less physically challenging allowing you exercise and environmental peace of mind.

1. e-Joe Epik SE

As one of the least expensive electric bikes out there today the e-Joe is far from cheaply made. This well designed bike offers 20-30 miles of range from its motor and is rugged enough to face steep hills and rough road surfaces. With built-in fenders, storage rack and lights this folding bike saves space and is really great value for money.

2. IZIP E3 Path+

With a riding range of 25-45 miles depending on how much you use the battery, you can adjust just how much this bike helps you on the ride. If you need a little boost uphill then you can kick in the motor but if you don’t need anything while riding the flats it can be left out of use. Capable of up to 20 mph you won’t be breaking speed limits but you can move along at a respectable pace.

3. Specialized Turbo S

You can look at the Turbo S and miss the fact that it is an electric bike as its wires and batteries are all built in internally. This allows for a more streamline looking bike which also looks less bulky than most options on the market. As one of the most expensive models out there it should not be surprising that it has some serious tech going on in the motor and breaks. This allows for a smooth and comfortable ride.

4. Prodecotech Outlaw SS

Designed for more rugged uses the Outlaw is considered a mountain bike and as such comes equipped with bigger tires and a tough aluminium frame. A top speed of 28 mph using the motor means you can get places quickly on this bike but it is a little bulky and perhaps wider than most people might like.

5. Copenhagen Wheel

If an electric bike is really out of your price range there is of course an option to upgrade the manual powered wheels you have already. The Copenhagen Wheel is literally a wheel you can fit to your existing bike which uses clever design to create a cycling assist. With every turn of the pedals you make extra power is generated from the wheel making your forward progress easier. The harder you work the harder it will work and the quicker you will reach your destination.

6. Yuba Elmundo

With an antiquated look the Yuba may not win prizes for looking cool but it is a very utilitarian vehicle. A host of motor settings and very decent options for carrying cargo both inanimate and animate make this a great option for parents with young kids. Critics find it to be somewhat too long and not the best looking on the market but it certainly has its own niche.


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