Top 12 Best Dog Gear

We love our dogs and we will do anything to protect, care for or entertain them, which is why dog gear is a growing industry today. The mind boggles at some of the things that have been invented for our four legged buddies but we are often more than willing to spend money on them. This list may go from the practical to the down right weird but chances are you will see something on it you know your pooch will love. Here are Top 12 Best Dog Gear you can buy for your best dog buddy.

1. Glowdoggie Illuminated LED Dog Collar

Safety first is always a great motto and this piece of dog gear is all about safety. Nothing is more heartbreaking than our beloved dog getting out and getting hit by a car, it doesn’t bear thinking about. This is why a Glowdoggie collar may be the thing for you because as hard as it is to avoid a dog in daylight, what chance does a driver have after dark? This collar will make your pooch more visible at night and it actually makes them more noticeable during the day as well, using a green LED light.

2. Tagg Pet Tracker

You never want to lose your dog so something like the Tagg Pet Tracker is a great thing to have. This GPS enabled device can be used to set a perimeter line that if breached by your dog will alert you so you know if Fido got out. It will then allow you to pinpoint where your dog is by using the same GPS capability, although bear in mind if someone steals your dog they will likely take the collar off.

3. Dog Mansions

Yes, that’s right, you can actually have a company build your dog a custom made dog house in which, frankly, the sky’s the limit. It all comes down to how much you are willing to spend but you can really pimp your pup’s pad if you want to. Bear in mind though that having these made is going to be expensive even at bare bones level.

4. K-9 Kannon Tennis Ball Launcher

Dogs love to play fetch but sometimes your arm gets tired or maybe you are carrying an injury so in that case the Kannon Tennis Ball Launcher is great. This cool gadget allows you to pick up the ball hands free, cock the firing mechanism and launch the tennis ball a fair distance. You can tire out your pooch from a yard chair with minimum effort and your dog will have the time of his life.

5. Sony Action Camera Dog Mount

How does your dog view your walks? Well, with the Sony Action Camera Dog Mount you can find out. You put this harness on your dog, fit your video recording device and press record. Once you get home you can see exactly what your dog was seeing, which is pretty fun.

6. Ruffwear Swamp Cooler Vest

Dogs have only one way to cool off on a hot day and that is by panting which is only so effective. Well, if you want to take your dog for a walk and it’s really hot out then a Ruffwear Swamp Cooler Vest may be of assistance. You merely soak it with water, wring it out and then put it on your dog. The dampness will help lower the temperature a little for the dog making it a more comfortable walk.

7. Rogz Grin Smiling Dog Ball Toy

This is just s straight up goofy toy that is more for our amusement than the dog’s. This ball has a funny toothy grin design on it that makes your dog look like they have a funny grin when they are holding it in their mouths. It will put a smile on your face to throw it and see your dog coming back with it in his mouth. The dog won’t care that he looks dorky because you are playing with him and he loves it.

8. Pet Peek Fence Window

This is a fun little idea for which you will really want to be committed to your dog’s entertainment. Dogs love to see what’s happening but if you have a fence they can’t see through it’s frustrating. Well, with the Pet Peek window you can choose to cut a hole in your fence and fit this bubble window, through which they can watch the neighborhood.

9. Ruffwear Approach Dog Backpack

If you and your dog enjoy long hiking trips then you might find him more than willing to carry a few essentials for you. This range of dog packs include a harness and bag which you can strap to your dog’s back and fill with his treats, toys or other necessities. As a rule of thumb you shouldn’t fill these bags any heavier than 25-30% of their body weight and if they show signs of struggling with it perhaps don’t push it.

10. Waterdog Automatic Outdoor Pet Drinking Fountain

If your dog spends a lot of time out in the yard you should always make sure they have access to water. This can mean leaving them a bowl out there or perhaps getting one of these water fountain systems. Complete with a proximity sensor this water fountain will release water for your dog to drink whenever they get near to it. This is perfect for hot days when your dog needs to cool off with a cold drink.

11. Bamboo Hammock Dog Bed

This is a cute little hammock bed that your dog will find so comfy. Imagine having this set up next to your backyard hammock so you can both chill in the shade on a nice day. With a stain resistant suede cushion this is a comfortable bed for indoors or out.

12. Canine Shower Stall

This adjustable portable dog bath is great for dogs of all sizes, you can set the shelves at different heights depending on your dog. It has a easy step-in door at the front as well as integrated leashes to help keep your dog from jumping out. There are 16 built-in water jets to help get the cleaning done so this is a pretty handy accessory to have.


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